How to Harness the Energy of Gemstone Fusions for More Vibrant Beauty

Just like essential oils, clays, and other natural therapeutic substances, gemstones have been used since ancient times to enrich and support the body. The Ancient Greeks and Romans intuitively understood what most of us are only stumbling upon in the 21st century: gemstones have the power to heal

However, unlike conventional medications that place a band-aid over the root issues, gemstones heal with energy. It’s not the energy you can see, but the energy you can feel. Gemstones draw negative energy out of the body while positive, healing energy flows into the body. 

Gemstones don’t just belong in folklore and eclectic jewelry; they belong in your beauty routine as well! With the right skincare products, you can harness the energy of gem fusions for more vibrant beauty.

The Best Gemstones and Their Benefits

Gems are incredibly popular, though the reasons for their popularity have evolved with time. Ancient Romans thought diamonds were the splinters of falling stars, while early Chinese civilizations believed jade was the ultimate royal gem. 

Today, gemstones are best known for their bold colors, luster, and healing powers.  Once a gemstone touches your skin, it emits specific vibrations and frequencies. 

As a result, each gemstone interacts uniquely with your body's energy poles, psyche, and physical condition to enhance your overall wellness.


Hematite develops from iron oxide, making it one of the few gemstones with a metallic luster. Even though it’s extremely dense and blackish-gray, but it gets its name from the Greek word hema , which means "blood". 

If you need to find balance in your life, hematite is the gemstone for you. Hematite absorbs toxic emotions to neutralize stress and anxiety. It’s also believed to stimulate the body’s absorption of iron, which boosts the blood’s ability to circulate oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Moss Agate

Moss agate is one of the oldest healing stones on earth. Its green color makes it closely associated with nature. This gives moss agate a harmonizing power that balances emotional, physical, and intellectual energies. 

On an emotional level, moss agate is known to bring stability and peace to feelings of disorder and impatience. On a physical level, this gemstone is believed to have the power to fight inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and alleviate skin irritations.

Clear Quartz

Quartz is composed of one part silicon and two parts oxygen, making it one of the most abundant and unique minerals on the surface of the earth. Thanks to its incredible durability, quartz resists weathering and heat, making it the ultimate choice for gemstones and glass. 

Quartz exists in nearly every color, including clear. These white crystal gems are known as the “master healers” because they amplify energy. With clear quartz on or near your skin, your body can absorb, store, release, and regulate energy more efficiently than it can alone. 

People who use clear quartz often experience benefits like improved concentration and immune system, and overall optimal health. 

Rose Quartz

Pink-hued quartz is known as rose quartz. This variation includes the mineral dumortierite which lends the quartz its delicate color. It honors Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love known for her passion and beauty. 

Rose quartz is popular for its soft feminine energy that encourages peace, comfort, and compassion. Since it speaks to the heart, rose quartz may heal fear, resentment, and other emotional wounds. It’s no surprise that rose quartz was cherished in ancient civilizations, especially to reawaken the heart and inspire love! 

Many Egyptians and Romans even used rose quartz to stimulate physical healing of the skin, heart, kidneys, and lungs. 

Rainbow Fluorite

If gemstones could be compared to household objects, then rainbow fluorite would be a vacuum cleaner. This gemstone sucks away all the energy that causes cluttered, negative thoughts and brain fog. This makes it the perfect gemstone to remove confusion and give yourself an emotional detox. 

The green and purple swirls found in fluorite are properties of cleansing and purification. As worries and negativities are replaced by peace and positivity, you can stabilize your thoughts and find balance. 


Rhodonite is better known as the “rescue stone” because it encourages forgiveness and compassion. Gemstone users know to include rhodonite in any emotional first aid kit since it’s crucial for calming emotions, alleviating panic, and dealing with painful issues. 

Thanks to its stunning pink marble color, rhodonite’s name originates from “rhodon”, which means “rose” in Greek. Manganese oxide creates the synergistic swirls of color within rhodonite gems. As rhodonite connects to the body’s energy meridians, it restores emotional strength and vitality. 


Red Aventurine

Red aventurine is impossible to miss thanks to its brilliant, glistening color. The presence of mica and other minerals lend red aventurine an unmistakable shimmering effect. 

More than anything, red aventurine harnesses the powers of Earth and Fire to revitalize the physical force of energy in your body. In other words, red aventurine demands a “just do it!” attitude. It improves mental focus, determination, creativity, and confidence, so that you can reach (and surpass!) your goals. 

It’s also believed that red aventurine boosts blood flow and red blood cell production, which may do wonders for the skin, metabolism, and immune system.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye is unmistakable with its deep blue or indigo color. Found mainly in India, Brazil, and Canada, Tiger’s Eye is an ancient revered gemstone known for its all-seeing, all-knowing eye. 

With the power of Tiger’s Eye, you gain a vibrant inner vision that nurtures good judgment and protects against the negativity of others. This gemstone’s firm, bold power extends to physical healing as well. It increases strength and vitality, balances hormones, and boosts blood circulation.


Labradorite’s unique iridescent colors set it apart from other gemstones. It’s known as a stone of transformation that lends strength during times of change. By replacing fears and insecurities with confidence and trust, labradorite is believed to promote grounding and balance. 

It’s also associated with a number of physical therapeutic benefits, from improving digestion and treating colds to enhancing mental focus.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian is created when volcanic lava rapidly cools down into a form of volcanic glass. It’s easy to identify from its deep black base color and white patches that resemble snowflakes. 

This powerful gem has earned its reputation as a stone of purity and protection. It blocks negative energy and emotions in order to purify and balance the mind, body, and soul.

Yellow Jade

Yellow jade, composed of calcium magnesium iron silicate, is one of the rarest forms of jade. Its color falls on a spectrum between light lemon yellow and dark gold depending on its origins. 

The gemstone energy of jade is associated with fire, a powerful property that encourages positivity, wisdom, and intelligence. Jade nurtures self-confidence and courage while cutting away harmful thoughts. It’s no wonder that yellow jade is so popular as a dream stone to release thoughts and emotions while asleep. 

Brecciated Jasper

Jasper is one of the most unique and versatile gemstones in the world, with an infinite combination of colors and patterns. Brecciated jasper, in particular, has multi-colored layers blended with Hematite, the grounding stone. 

Brecciated jasper offers the powers of strength and revitalization. It sweeps away negative energy and makes room for a more positive outlook, mental simplicity, and joy. Jasper’s gemstone energy is also associated with recovery from illness because it nurtures wholeness in times of stress. 

How Do Gemstone Products Work?

It only takes a few clicks on your computer to find thousands of gemstone products, from makeup and jewelry to facial kits and bath stones. How can you filter out the noise and find the gemstone fusions with the power they promise?

Gemstone makeup, for example, recently emerged as a hot new trend, but it doesn’t always deserve its popularity. Although most gemstone makeup products are technically “infused” with crystal extracts, the most important gemstone ingredients always fall toward the back of the ingredients list. Gemstone-infused makeup products are typically formulated with more water than anything else.

We already know the dangers of using water-based skincare products, but this is made worse by the barely-there content of the gemstones on which these cosmetic products stake their names.  You can't enjoy the energy-rich benefits of gemstones through a sprinkle of crystal extract hidden underneath crappy ingredients. 

A real gemstone facial roller and gem fusions serum harnesses gemstone energy in an entirely different way: with real gemstones on the front lines doing the hard work. 

The gemstone energy products developed by Primal Life Organics aren't here to be trendy or cheap; they're carefully handcrafted to deliver the full power of gemstones fusions to help you achieve more vibrant beauty. 

Jade Facial Roller

The Jade Gemstone Roller places two cooling, soothing jade gemstone into a facial roller for maximized skin rejuvenation. One side of the roller is large and smooth, while the other side is textured. Jade is cool to the touch and has the ability to stay cool, even when it comes in contact with warm skin. This cooling effect fights inflammation on the skin. 


Imagine a cold, ultra-smooth stone massaging your face and neck. Unlike bare fingers, it doesn’t pull and tug as it glides across your skin. This preserves your skin’s elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and calms angry skin. 

With 42 different muscles in your face, you’re almost always squinting, furrowing, or raising those muscles. This creates tension and strain, but the force of the smooth jade gemstone relaxes facial muscles to relieve strain, fine lines, and wrinkles caused by tense facial muscles. Some people use Botox to erase these wrinkles, but all you need is daily TLC from a jade facial roller to maintain a smooth, youthful complexion. 

As it rolls back and forth across your face, the Jade Gemstone Roller exerts gemstone energy that creates incredible skincare benefits:

  • Reduces puffiness
  • Stimulates lymphatic draining
  • Improves circulation
  • Brightens complexion

The jade roller also supercharges the power of other skincare products. It works in harmony with serums and moisturizers to improve absorption into the skin and maximize results. 

Aura Gemstone and Hemp Facial Serum

Perhaps no serum works better with a Jade Gemstone Roller than the Aura Gemstone and Hemp Facial Serum. This unique infusion of the energy, vibration, and healing qualities of gemstones and oils harnesses the skin’s “chi” to revitalize skin health. 

This serum isn’t limited to the power of just one or two gemstones. It empowers gemstone fusions with three gemstones in every roller: two unique gemstones sit inside the hemp facial serum and one gemstone creates the rollerball used to apply serum to the skin. There’s never a moment that this serum isn’t steeped in the energy and life force of powerful gemstones. 

When the “Chi” power of gemstone fusions combines with revitalizing ingredients like copper peptides, hemp, green tea, blue tansy, and carrot seed oil, the results feel nearly magical.

How Does Hemp Nourish the Skin?

Just like gemstones, the hemp plant has ancient roots that stretch back nearly 10,000 years ago. 

Hemp oil derives from the seeds of Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant. The powerful fatty acids and nutrients found in the hemp oil help to hydrate your skin and regulate oil production. This nurtures bright, clear, healthy skin without clogged pores or excess oil. 

Hemp's fatty acids also unleash potent anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritation while simultaneously stimulating new cell generation. 

In other words... hemp possesses major anti-aging benefits. Rubbing it across your skin and using a jade gemstone roller to maximize absorption is a fool-proof way to keep your skin glowing. 

The Power of Copper Peptides

Copper peptide, officially known as the human copper-binding peptide GHK-Cu, exists naturally in the human body. When you suffer an injury like a burn or cut, copper peptides are automatically released from nearby tissues to support skin regeneration and provide additional layers of protection. 

Unfortunately, the amount of naturally occurring copper peptides in the body decreases with age, just like collagen and elastin. This decline is directly correlated with the body’s diminished ability to regenerate healthy tissues

Thanks to its regenerative powers, copper peptide has become a well-liked skincare ingredient. Adding GHK into skincare products restores the body’s ability to use copper peptides to fight aging in many ways:

  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smooths rough skin
  • Reduces skin discoloration
  • Enhances wound healing
  • Limits free radical damage and inflammation

These are just a few of the many reasons that the Aura Gemstone and Hemp Facial Serum possess such potent healing capabilities.

Finding the Best Gemstone Energy For You

Every single gemstone offers unique benefits, but which gem fusion can provide the energy and vitality you need to revitalize your mind (and beauty!)? 

Gemstones can fill in the “gaps” of our energy realms. By identifying what you’re missing, you can choose the best gemstone energy for your needs. There are plenty of online tests and tools designed to match you with your ultimate gemstone, but keep in mind that your ideal gemstone match will evolve with you. 

If you just experienced a wicked breakup, obsidian can help you release those pent-up negative emotions. If you’re desperately in need of direction, tiger eye offers the emotional and mental discipline to focus.

I’m so obsessed with our new Primal Life Organics gemstone collection because it makes it super easy to explore 12 different gem fusions and their unique powers. Every roller bottle of the Aura Gemstone & Hemp Facial Serum contains three gemstones for the ultimate skin infusion experience. Every time you order a new roller bottle, you have the opportunity to experience a new form of gemstone energy and experience its revitalizing powers!

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