Look and Feel Younger: Discover a Healthy, Holistic Way to Age in Reverse

August 14, 2019


For all women, there’s a certain point at which we start to really notice we are showing the signs of aging. If it’s happened to you (or if you know it’s just around the corner), then you’ve probably wondered if there’s a way to maintain or restore your youthful appearance and energy level in a healthy way. 

Starting August 26th, you’ll have the chance to discover it from the experts. Certified holistic nutrition coach Jennifer Cook, is hosting a complimentary online interview series that brings together more than 20 experts and influencers, including myself, to share advice for taking action now to ensure you age in a positive way. It’s called Look and Feel Younger: Discover a Healthy, Holistic Way to Age in Reverse.

Gianna de la Torre is one of the guest speakers we are most excited about seeing because of her passion and knowledge for health and wellness. As an Intuitive and Cosmetic Acupuncturist, Gianna’s insight and expertise on the 4000-year-old Chinese Medicine technique, Gua Sha will open your eyes to a natural way to rejuvenate your skin and have you rethink botox. 

Reserve your spot to join us at no cost for this series of powerful conversations, and you’ll discover specific actionable tips you can implement immediately to look and feel younger.

Reverse the Aging Process – In a healthy way. Reserve Your Spot and Join Us August 26thby signing up here!

I hope to “see” you there!


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