Lowering stress may be the #1 way to enhance your relationship or attract love...

I work on computers, laptops and my cell phone for hours each day.  I live, breathe and sleep in EMF radiation daily.  And so do you.  I found one simple and stylish way to block EMF radiation (see my Harmoni necklace above- rose gold is my favorite) and reduce stress in my body.  Today, I want to share with you what I know and use to keep my body healthy... ❤️ Trina

One factor is undeniable: EMF radiation causes STRESS INSIDE THE BODY.

Right now, every major city (and most suburbs) have dozens of WiFi routers reaching into almost every home. 

Did you know that stress increases the chances of hardships in your relationships?  Stress increases the chance of relationships ending.

That’s right: a three nation, 20-year study found that couples who reported more stress had a significantly higher likelihood of breakup or divorce. 

This makes it pretty clear that reducing stress is one of the BEST ways to enhance your relationship. 

That’s why this is quite possibly the single best Valentine’s Day gift you could ever give yourself or your partner: 

===> Breakthrough study reveals how to lower stress by up to 700%

This discovery leverages the science of heart-rate variability (HRV) — which is the best way to measure your stress levels. 

Here’s why this is so powerful for any couple (or anyone looking to find love): 

  1. When your stress is lower, you feel more romantic (ask any woman, she’ll agree!)
  2. Lower stress also means higher activity of brainwaves (like alpha) associated with love
  3. Lower stress means you make less stress hormones and more libido hormones! And feel more in the mood...

PLUS, here’s the best part... 

This same research team discovered a powerful way to help you cope with biological stress that occurs due to EMF radiation (this is a big one)... plus many other sources of invisible stress that impact your ability to feel calm. 

It’s been praised by top doctors, healthy celebrities and more with statements like this: 

”My Harmoni pendant allows me to lower my stress while protecting me from harmful electromagnetic frequencies. I wear it everyday and feel AMAZING!” - Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, who has appeared on Dr Oz, Dr Phil, The Doctors and more. 

===> Learn more about this Valentine’s stress hack that boosts HRV (heart-rate variability) 

With lower stress, you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel on every level. 

That makes this better than traditional jewelry, flowers or chocolate—and truly the ultimate gift for you or your partner on Valentine’s Day. 

It’s a game-changer for any relationship. 



P.S.—Ageless former supermodel, Elle Macpherson says this: 

“I love mine. Have noticed faster recovery, better sleep, and a more balanced nervous system.” 

P.P.S.—How do we know this stress solution works? Several reasons: 

  1. They published an official heart-rate variability study, performed with real people to PROVE this lower stress levels... 
  2. Wendy Myers, the practitioner behind it, has been personally using it for 4 years — and I trust her... and... 
  3. They sent me a sample to review and I personally love it. 

So I feel confident recommending it to others, especially at such a great V-Day discount. 

Go here to learn more about this study, the stress solution and how to save 53% (including on their limited-edition color for Valentine’s Day). 



You might be wondering how the Harmoni Pendant tunes to my bioenergetic field in comparison to any other stainless steel necklaces. What has been done to it? Is it just a placebo effect?

The Harmoni Pendant holes — their exact locations and size —  were developed from the principles of sacred geometry. It has been tested on thousands of people in an effort to design a pendant for maximum benefits. 

By improving the body’s energetic communication, the Harmoni Pendant can improve communication efficiency and may clear stressors resulting from energetic blocks in your biofield. This is the level that human intention and thought works on as well, as observed and reported in Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. 

Working at the quantum level like this, which sets the stage for good physical and emotional wellbeing, is the missing link so many are looking for in meeting their health goals. You can potentially change your biochemistry by working at this quantum level — by changing the geometry you change the waveform, cell function, tissue, organ and organism. This is a far more elegant way to work with the body than endlessly trying new internal solutions. Using the pendant can be a first step in improving the efficacy of any protocol you are doing.

We have seen evidence of this before and after pendant activation using many different types of tests, including GDV cameras, thermography, HRV testing, EMF meters, bioenergetic testing, Equiscope and many others. After 20 years of struggling with a long list of health challenges, creator Robert Marking conceived of and designed the pendant. He’s been using this pendant for almost 15 years and has shared it with thousands of people. 

We have seen him activate pendants on hundreds of people, and many of them have reported how much better they felt immediately. As soon as the next day, people report improved sleep quality, higher energy levels, fewer occasional aches and pains, and a greater sense of emotional wellbeing. 

Anything can have a placebo effect, of course, but we have completed a study of the Harmoni Pendant that showed an average reduction in the stressful effects of EMF of 48% (per HRV tests)! 

Per the study, the pendant also improved mitochondrial power, biological age, emotional and physical stress indicators, and many other variables. In addition, we have a second study underway that is looking at HRV and EMF mitigation as well.