Non-Toxic Beauty Revolution: Are you "dying to be beautiful?"

February 03, 2020

Did you know that ONLY 2% of women think they're beautiful? Women are on a constant treadmill to "buy their beauty," and it truly is killing them.

Pop culture is designed to sell us products by infusing our minds with an unattainable definition of beauty, and the majority of beauty products are infused with harmful chemicals disguised by clever branding and miracle claims.

The average woman puts over 515 synthetic chemicals on her skin every day, and of that, 60% of it is absorbed into her body. Babies are born with over 250 chemicals in them before they have even taken their first breath.

Everything we eat, apply and inject into our bodies could set off an illness at any given moment (and can age us more quickly!) — women are literally "Dying to be Beautiful!"

Like most of us, host of The Non-Toxic Beauty Revolution, Diane Kazer, learned her lessons the hard way. On the quest to be beautiful, her health was compromised to the point of autoimmune stress after getting implants. She was sick, and although she looked healthy on the outside, she felt like she was aging fast on the inside — and felt isolated and alone.

Desperate for answers she wasn't getting from western doctors, Diane traveled to over 25 countries exploring ancient secrets to beauty and longevity, and now she wants to share them with you.

For 10 years, Diane has helped people cultivate the courage to cleanse their bodies of harmful toxins, heal their hormones and ignite their inner purpose to live more vibrant and fulfilling lives.

The Non-Toxic Beauty Revolution will help you with:

  • Identifying toxins in beauty products and procedures
  • Transitioning to self-love and body acceptance
  • Using diet and detox to build your beauty
  • Understanding how implants impact your health
  • Recovering from implant illness
  • Aging gracefully — inside and out
  • And so much more!

I hope you'll join me for The Non-Toxic Beauty Revolution where you can hear from 50 experts, including me, Trina Felber, in the areas of detoxification, skin care, med spa treatments, biological dentistry, plastic surgery, fitness, emotional empowerment and more.

You're not alone. There are answers. We can heal together.

--->>I'll see you online at The Non-Toxic Beauty Revolution when you register today! 

P.S. When you register for The Non-Toxic Beauty Revolution, you’ll also unlock early access interviews, free guides and helpful eBooks about living your most beautiful life!

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