Seasonal Skincare: Why It Matters

As the Seasons Change, So Should Your Skincare!

Changing seasons bring forth changes in the outdoor temperature, but also fluctuations in humidity levels. Have you ever noticed that your hands get more prone to chapping in the winter months? This is because humidity levels often drop down during the colder months of the year. Dryness is best combated with a heavier moisturizer.  

That said, warmer months mean more humidity, making it a good time for light moisturizers and shine-minimizing formulas. Below are a few tips for you on how to keep your skin looking great - no matter the season!


Spring cleaning isn’t just for houses, you know. After loading up on moisturizers all winter long, it’s ideal to deep clean your face. Skin protection is also important, since the sun comes out more during the spring. Remember to tailor your SPF factor to how prone you are to burning and visit your dermatologist annually if need be. Spring is also time to use light moisturizers on your face - the humidity will take care of the rest!  


Wearing sunscreen is even more important now than before. Be sure to apply it two to three times a day. Wear protective clothing and watch for skin changes, such as rough red patches or discoloration. Lighter products, such as an anti-aging serum, lightweight moisturizers and sun protection are at the top of the list of products we should be using!


This is the time of the year when you should begin reaching for heavier formulas again, to ensure that our wind-whipped skin doesn't suffer from the lack of humidity. Intensely hydrating serums and moisturizers should be used this season, after exfoliating, of course. 

Don’t pack away the sunscreen though - you’re going to need it during the autumn and winter months as well. Use a great lip balm with UV protection to ensure protection against the sun’s rays and begin using a hand cream now so your hands will remain soft and silky through the winter. 


Winter is the driest season; therefore, wreaks the most havoc on your skin. These conditions result in cracking, chapping, irritation and exacerbated skin conditions (like eczema). To combat all of these, ensure that you use heavier, oilier cleansers rather than the light-weight ones you used during the warmer months. Remember to use intensely hydrating formulas and, if possible, apply them directly after a bath or shower to lock in moisture. 

Wearing gloves is another simple and straightforward way to pamper and protect your hands but remember to apply lotion often as well. Keep applying UV protective lip balm and continue to use sunscreen (especially if you’re in an area that gets a lot of snow, since the sunlight can reflect off the snow on the ground, increasing your risk of sunburn).

That should be all you need for a fantastic skincare routine in any season! For a more detailed idea of what seasonal skincare should look like, feel free to take a look at our seasonal skincare shop! We have beauty boxes with everything you need to get through the season, but if you find yourself wanting a specific product, we also offer our products a la carte. Whether you want an anti-aging cleanser, exfoliator, body butter, skin repair or foot repair balm, we’ve got it all! We also have several types of elixirs, including our Coffee Bean Elixir, Blu Berry Elixir, and Lickity Split Elixir that contain the power to revamp your skincare routine!