The Vast Benefits to Light Therapy

As you know, Primal Life Organics offers the Real White Teeth Whitening System that is full of LED lights to give your mouth and teeth the ultimate treatment. But did you know light therapy is significant for the body? Light actually aids in regulating the natural rhythms of our mind and body. Not getting enough of the right light can make a surprising turn on your health.

Now that you have the natural tools to get your teeth in confidence-boosting shape, let's do the same goodness to your skin! Sunlighten offers a 4-in-1 LED treatment to aid in anti-aging, skin purification, cellular repair, wound healing, and pain relief. This device, lumiNIR, helps you in many areas in just a few minutes. 

The lumiNIR features the breakthrough LED technology first introduced in Sunlighten’s 3-in-1 infrared saunas, now in a hand-held device for convenient, natural healing.

Because each cell and tissue type absorbs light at a different wavelength, Sunlighten developed four LED attachments to deliver targeted light energy for the best results for each concern:

  •       Cell renewal
  •       Anti-aging
  •       Pain relief
  •       Clear skin
  •       And more

Sunlighten is a company that aims for natural solutions that are both healthy and safe for your body. Primal Life Organics holds the same values which is why we are honored to partner with them. Trina uses this product with full confidence combining it with our Coffee Bean Elixir in the morning and Blu Berry Elixir at night. Better yet, it can be combined with any of your favorite PLO moisturizers or elixirs to give you the ultimate treatment!

Give yourself the full LED treatment by whitening your teeth with Primal Life Organics Real White Teeth Whitening System, and repairing your skin with our trusted partner Sunlighten and their new lumiNIR system. Both you and your confidence won't regret it!       

Get the unlimited benefits of the complete 4-in-1 system. Shop the lumiNIR now by clicking here.