To the parents who want to offer their children healthy choices:

How do you handle health and safety choices for your kids in today’s world?  

As parents, we are navigating…

  • Environmental toxins,
  • Air quality,
  • Offgassing materials,
  • Nutritionless food,
  • Inadequate sleep,
  • And so much more.  

Seems a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Well, what if you could gather a bunch of experts in childhood health to share their best advice for offering your kids healthy choices?

Everything from clean water and skincare to plastics and cleaning supplies.  

That would be cool, wouldn't it?

Well...guess what?

Dr. Pedram Shojai and Nick Polizzi (both parents to young kids and natural health pioneers) have done just that.  

In their daily quest to be conscious parents, they sought out and interviewed many diverse PEDIATRIC health practitioners and combined all their findings into...

This FR*EE documentary series called: “Conscious Parenting: A 9-Part Docuseries on Raising Resilient, Whole-Hearted, and Empowered Kids.”

So, if you want to create a home environment that nourishes your children to...

  • Grow,
  • Be Resilient,
  • Have a Strong Microbiome,
  • All while empowering them to make healthy choices for themselves...

Then reserve your seat to this documentary series while it’s still available for FR*EE online.

It premieres on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 9pm Eastern, so there’s no time to waste. 

First of all, it will give you the best up-to-date information, tips, and practices for navigating all the various health dangers surrounding our modern world.

And second, it will give you strategies for modeling decision making so your kids can participate in the process of making healthy choices.

But you’ll miss it unless you reserve your seat and follow the simple yet surprising tips, tools, and strategies you’ll find during the series.

Throughout “Conscious Parenting” you will hear the expert advice as well as personal parenting stories from people like:

- Jessica Sherman (leading inflammation expert who questions us, “If health is #1, what conscious shift do we need to make to support that?”)

- Christian Gonzales (Naturopathic Doctor who reminds us that whatever babies touch -- including the toxins on them -- will end up in their mouth and disrupt their microbiome)

- Trina Felber (Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics who teaches us that anything on the skin is absorbed in 26 seconds!)

- Elisa Song (Pediatric Functional Medical Expert who celebrates that “I absolutely believe that chronic disease in children can be prevented.”)

- Darin Ingles (Naturopathic Doctor who shares how what is around us can have a cumulative effect on your child’s brain, guts, and more.)

Hear all they have to share throughout the FR*EE screening of “Conscious Parenting: A 9-Part Docuseries on Raising Resilient, Whole-Hearted, and Empowered Kids.