Vegan Toothpaste: Why It Matters for Your Oral Care Routine

Vegan Toothpaste: Why It Matters for Your Oral Care Routine

At Primal Life Organics, we're fired up about providing you with a vegan toothpaste option that not only prioritizes your health but also addresses a significant gap in the market. 

Did you know that most toothpaste contains animal-derived ingredients in addition to also testing on animals? And guess what? It's not just the commercial brands that are guilty of this. Even some so-called "natural" toothpaste brands contain both chemicals and animal-derived ingredients.

And that's why we're here, fueled by our commitment to providing you with a toothpaste option that's pure, clean, and free from any animal-derived ingredients.

Even if you are not a vegan, a brand’s ethical standards matter. Knowing that you are buying from a brand that values transparency and respect for all living things is a standard that goes above and beyond. 

We are driven by the vision of our founder, Trina Felber. Trina's journey began with a deep desire to create products that were not only toxin-free but also caused no harm in their making. Products that were as effective as they were natural and ethical. The result was a vegan toothpaste using premium, organic, plant-based ingredients, without testing on animals or including any animal-derived ingredients.

Trina understood that our oral health in addition to aligning with our values and standing up for what we believe, is intimately connected to our health and overall well-being.

Driven by her commitment to creating products that were both effective and ethical, Trina embarked on a mission to develop a vegan toothpaste that would revolutionize the industry. Her aim was to offer a toothpaste that embraced the power of nature, without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

Our vegan toothpaste isn't just about ethical choices; it's about providing you with the best oral care possible. Every ingredient in our vegan toothpaste is carefully selected to ensure it aligns with your values of purity, sustainability, and compassion, while also giving you whiter teeth and a stronger, cavity-free smile. 

So what animal-derived ingredients might be lurking in your toothpaste? 

Flavor: Beware of toothpastes that list "flavor" as an ingredient. This opens a loophole to the inclusion of animal-derived ingredients and toxic chemicals, potentially compromising your values and health. We believe in full transparency, and our vegan toothpaste never hides behind vague "flavor" listings.
Calcium Phosphate: Some fluoride toothpastes contain calcium phosphate, which enhances the performance of fluoride. This ingredient is often derived from rock or bone meal. Primal Life Organics' Vegan Toothpaste is mineral rich, contains no added fluoride and uses 3 types of mineral clays and nano-hydroxyapatite to keep your teeth cavity-free.
Propolis: Some natural toothpastes contain propolis - an ingredient sourced from honeybees, known for its antibacterial properties. At Primal Life Organics, we source our ingredients exclusively from natural plant and mineral sources, ensuring that no animal-derived substances are present in our toothpaste.


Our Dirty Mouth Toothpaste is not only vegan and cruelty-free, but it is effective at maintaining and optimizing your oral health.

In addition to staying true to your vegan values, Dirty Mouth Toothpaste is formulated with cleansing, mineral-rich bentonite, kaolin, french green clays, and nano-hydroxyapatite to clean, whiten, and remineralize your teeth, so your teeth will be stronger, leaving you with an alkaline mouth that is resistant to cavities!

Embrace our cavity-free, cruelty-free revolution. Choose Primal Life Organics' Dirty Mouth Toothpaste, and let your oral care routine reflect your values. Together, we can make a difference for our health, the environment, and the well-being of animals.

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