Banished and Beyond for Acne

I'll be 58 in a matter of days and have tried most of the popular, department store skin care lines with very little noticeable success in trying to cure my cystic acne. Then about 15 years ago after developing ovarian cancer and recognizing that I had to make some lifestyle changes, I decided to go organic. Thus began my quest to find an organic skin care line that actually worked.
I cannot even being to tell you the number of days that I have spent trying to hide my acne from coworkers, family and friends. The embarrassment I've felt andagony I've endured due to my cystic acne (especially as I aged and should be done w/this sort of thing) was incredibly painful. Locking myself in my office at work (pretending to be super busy), refusing to attend social gatherings, declining invitations from my friends, rescheduling appointments when I was in the midst of a flare-up, spending hours trying to 'cover up' the acne, my life seemed to revolve around the condition of my skin. Days turned into weeks then weeks into years and I still wasn't successful in finding anything that actually helped to heal my skin and there were times when I feel into a deep depression because of it.

Then about six month ago I started reading about the Paleo diet. I ordered books, subscribed to blogs and started reading everything I could find about it. Somehow I stumbled onto the Primal Life Organics website and after much deliberation as to whether I could afford to spend yet more of my hard earned money on another skin care line, I took the plunge and it has totally changed my life. I realize that is a huge statement but if you read my paragraph above and it helped you to 'feel' the pain I endured for years (no exaggeration) then you'll understand that I'm being totally honest in my assessment.

My skin is clear for the 1st time in years, some of the scars are starting to diminish and I'm no longer ashamed to look people in the eye when they're talking to me. I feel more outgoing and it no longer takes me hours to get ready to go anywhere as I don't have cystic acne to try to cover up with tons of make-up.

I can't thank you enough for your wonderful, life-altering products. I'm not one to write a testimonial (maybe because I never felt the need to), but in this case I felt like I just had to in case someone out there was 'on the fence' in trying to decide whether to try your products.

God bless and please keep up your wonderful work.


Now that her acne has cleared, she is ready to add in some Infiniti Products as well!