Help! Since using Primal Life Organics Facial Package, my skin is now oily/dry/filled with breakouts!! What do I do??

While improvement can always be expected, no two people's skin will respond precisely the same way during the adjustment period. Depending on the underlying issues, hormonal profile and nutritional status, as well as outer factors like humidity, weather/season and water quality, different things may happen in the initial adjustment period - all that means is we now know the small topical adjustments that need to be made. If over-drying occurs, adding a few drops of a particular oil can address that along with perhaps adding a few drops of the serum to a balancing oil like jojoba or EVOO OR using the OCM (oil cleansing method) a few days each week instead with low castor oil, maybe a 1:5 ratio... those types of small tweaks...not doing the OCM on mask days, but making sure to make good use of the mask once a week or every other week.

If over-drying OR increase oiliness and breakouts occurs, the skin may be adjusting to the new products- especially if previously used products contained drying ingredients (benzyl peroxide, alcohol or fragrance) or chemicals.  The adjustment period could take three weeks- or longer depending on all of the above-mentioned factors.  Adding extra moisturizing via oils (jojoba- oil skin, olive or coconut for dry skin) one or two times a day until extra dryness/oiliness resides can help relieve symptoms and facilitate skin healing.

If increased oiliness occurs, I would suggest trying the OCM a few times each week with a 1:2 castor to other oil ratio through the adjustment period then return to the Primal Life Organics cleanser...