I Was Duped By Big-Cosmo. NOT Anymore! I Took Control Back!



I was tired of being lied to by Big Cosmo- all of their lotion, potions and creams that I was paying top dollar for was not giving me any results. Furthermore, when I became savvy enough to read the labels, I instantly knew they were POISONING me with cheap chemicals that were causing harm to my entire being. I realized that the only way to heal the body (both inside and out) is through real food. 


I ditched processed foods, wheat, gluten and dairy- and did so in my skincare as well. I created my own line of skincare using only real food sources- and what I discovered shocked me. My skin LOVED it! The results I longed for from my high priced lotions never happened- but when I applied food products to my face and body, my oiliness, acne and psoriasis disappeared. I was left with skin others crave! 

In the past three weeks, I have been told by five different individuals that I look to be in my late 20's-early 30's! They are blown away when I tell them I am 46 years young! 

"Put food on your skin" I tell them- and you will SEE the results you crave!

I created Primal Life Organics in 2012- and set out to market my company as a leader in the skincare industry that uses only real food sources for ingredients- meant to heal, nourish and protect the body. What I found was hundreds, now thousands of men and women that had been searching for the same healing, nourishing and protecting that I can offer. My line is exclusive and customers buy directly from me (via internet) because I make everything FRESH when ordered  

My personal pet peeve is that I would not eat 6-month-old broccoli- nor would I apply anything to my skin that was not fresh. So, my shelves are not lined with products, they are lined with ingredients. When you purchase from me, your product is then made fresh.

I make approximately 45 different products including facial care (acne, anti-aging, dry and oily skin variations), body care, hair
care, dental care, and makeup. Yes, all made from ingredients Mother Nature gave us. People are searching for ways to improve their health. They are opening their eyes to processed everything- including food and skincare. When you find me- you may feel a sense of relief... like you are HOME! 

I am a certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist therefore I completely understand the physiology of the body- and I am completing a book that this due to be released this spring about how Big Cosmo has had us all duped- but no longer! I have taken the POWER back! Now, I put the POWER of healing your body in your hands!! 

Clean skincare can be confusing and overwhelming.  That's why I put together the Starter Package.  The perfect, detoxifying collection of skincare for your most basic needs.  Check out the Starter Package- filled with our most popular products!

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