Stick Up, Toothpowder, Bare Face Package Testimonial

I am 47 and have had undiagnosed digestive issues my whole life.  I went gluten-free nearly 2 years ago with major improvement.  In March of this year I read Practical Paleo and have been Paleo ever since.  It has changed my life.  I feel good, I look good and I know I'm doing my body good.
About a few weeks into eating Paleo I decided that if I was investing on focusing on putting such healthy choices IN my body, I should do the same for what I put ON my body and discovered Primal Life Organics.  I immediately ordered the primal pit stick, tooth powder, facial moisturizer and face wash and the "no poo" shampoo bar for my hair.

I instantly fell in love with the products.  I have "issues" with underarm sweating with odor and have purchased toxic products at the drug store to "help" with no success.  Since day one of the Pit Stick I have had ABSOLUTELY NO issues with wetness or odor - it's UNBELIEVABLE! 

As far as the facial moisturizer (Bare Face Moisturizer), I was a little concerned because my face can sometimes get oily and it seemed so greasy in that little tub and I was fearful I would ultimately break out.  Guess what? My skin has never looked better and I haven't had one breakout!  I love the facial moisturizer - I keep it in the shower (but do panic that it will fall and break - so far so good).  

Last, but not least, is the Dirty Mouth Toothpowder....THIS was a tough sell at first.  After reading about the dangers and toxins in commercial pastes, I was sure I would switch - but I felt like a contestant on Survivor that first night I brushed my teeth with the spearmint powder! It was like brushing my teeth with sand, or dirt.  I was so used to the sweet taste of my minty toothpaste I was shocked at the drastic difference in taste and texture....BUT, when I decide I'm gonna do something, I DO IT!  Within a few days I was used to it and never turned back but THIS next part is important.

I'm a terrible flosser, I start off so good after my cleaning and within a few weeks....just don't do it.  Not sure why, but it is what it is I guess. When I was last at the dentist I had some inflammation and bleeding with my gums, my regular plaque build up (especially on one side) and my #'s in that test with the pointy stick that checks for pockets in the gums weren't so great.  After 2 months of using the Toothpowder I had my cleaning appointment and told the hygienist what I was using.  She seemed a bit skeptical but said that the exam would prove how well this product was working, if at all.  I had a fabulous exam! I had NO bleeding during my cleaning, no inflammation, no excessive plaque build-up, NO staining on my teeth (I'm a tea drinker) and my #s on that pocket test (with the pointy stick) went down! That's all good AND the hygienist said she would have never known I hadn't been flossing.  


The dentist and hygienist were so impressed I told them about your product and actually emailed when I got home to see if I could get a sample to send them. Your company was kind enough to send them a sample and they've been USING it!  I will say the peppermint is MUCH better than the spearmint.

I don't think I'd go back to any other products. The items are a bit pricey, but TOTALLY worth the cost.  Isn't our health important? We must make it a priority and invest in it.
Thank you for wonderful products!!
Kim Carlin

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