Primal Colors Cheek Stain


Unique earthen clays, plants and food combined to form colors complimentary to the skin.  Nutrient dense blush made fresh when ordered. 

Primal Life Organics blends the vibrant colors of the earth to provide a cheek stain that is unique and beneficial for the skin, and it puts you in control of the color.  Our Primal Colors Specialist uses a unique blend of earthen foods, plants and dirt (clay) to create the color palate of our Primal Cheek Stains. 

Primal Colors Cheek Stain is truly unique in many aspects.  All of our ingredients are sourced form dirt, food, and plants.  Each application is mixed when used to ensure the most nutrient dense makeup, and all of our makeup products are blended with water and applied to the face.

Non-toxic. Chemical Free.  Cruelty Free.