Primal Package Directions

Directions for Primal Face Packages:


1.    Step One: Primal Face Wash.  Gently shake wash.  Massage less than one dropper-full onto wet or dry skin.  Lather and rinse with warm water.

2.    Step Two: Primal Face Toner.  Gently shake toner.  Lightly spray 3-4 pumps on clean, dry skin of face and neck.  Allow to dry.

3.    Step Three: Primal Face Serum or Moisturizer.  Apply small amount to face, neck and eye area.  Under eye area, apply in direction from outer eye towards inner eye to prevent tissue damage. 


If using Banished Primal Blemish Serum: you can apply it two ways. 

  • Apply it either immediately after the toner has dried, wait 20 minutes then apply either the Serum or Moisturizer after Banished Primal Blemish Serum
  • Apply it 20 minutes after the Serum or Moisturizer

Either way is ok- try both methods to find out what method works best for you.


If using Fire and Ice:

  • Apply Fire after the Toner and wait 20 minutes before applying Ice.  Do NOT wash Fire off.  Ice is applied over Fire.

  • Fire and Ice can be used in place of the Moisturizer or Serum.  If you feel you want to use the Moisturizer or Serum, wait 30 minutes after Ice is applied.  


*On days when your skin needs extra protection or moisture, you may use both the Serum and Moisturizer.  Just wait ~20 minutes for the first to soak in, then apply the other.  Order is your preference.