Red Face with Beyond?

I recently (just a few days) began using the beyond Primal Serum and moisturizer.  I love the way my skin feels but my cheeks turn a bright red.  It doesn't feel irritated or itchy.  Is this a common reaction during the adjustment period or should I stop using the product?

That is a normal reaction.  That is the blend of the oils and essential oils working to increase the blood flow and improve healing, absorption, moisture etc.  Everyone reacts differently, some get lightly flushed, some get red, other don't get red at all- but it is normal as long as there are no other issues (welts, blotchiness, itching).  You may notice that decreases over time or it varies in amount of redness.  I do get flushed- sometimes a lot, other very little.  Not sure why that happens but that is normal too!  You may also experience a little "heat" as well- and that is normal.  The Skin-Food is working to improve circulation for maximum anti-aging benefit!!