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"By now, you all know that I’m a huge fan of natural beauty and skincare products.  Primal Life Organics products have been my go-to for a couple of years now and I absolutely love them!

In keeping with the real food and Paleo lifestylesPrimal Life Organics products are gluten-free and mostly vegan.  Trina Felber, the CEO of Primal Life Organics, is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  She knows the science behind the products she creates and each product has a thorough listing of ingredients, including information on the benefits of each item.  She is careful to note which products are safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, and has a number of products designed just for the little ones in your life!"

This is So Good PLO Review



"Ever since my autoimmune flare last year, my skin has been the pits. Seriously, there have been times when I just couldn’t even stand looking at my face I was so frustrated. As a teen I had horrifyingly painful cystic acne. But, probably with the immune system and hormonal changes of pregnancy and nursing, I had near-perfect skin I took for granted over the past decade. Then, when my autoimmune flair hit in 2012, I had an incredibly difficult time managing breakouts. Going on a modified autoimmune protocol has helped my skin, but not completely."

Stacy's Skintervention and Primal Life Organics Review



"I had planned to write this review nearly a month ago, but as it went my skin took some time to adjust to these products. It’s now been about 9 weeks of using the Banished Primal Face Wash, the Banished Primal Face Toner, and Beyond Primal Face Serum and I’m excited to share my results and thoughts."

Primal Life Organics Skincare Review from The Eighty Twenty



"I have been meaning to write this post for a while. I know I touched on my skin care products when I wrote the henna post, but I didn’t really go into full detail (that I remember) of what I actually do for my skin. Skin has been an interest of mine since I was very young. As many of you know I am a certified high definition makeup artist. I was trained in Hollywood byMargaret Kimura, celebrity makeup artist. I have done bridal makeup for more weddings than I can count…"

Bye Bye Rosacea, Glowing Skin for the Bride to be- Hayley from Food Lovers Kitchen



"When you think about washing your face, what do you picture in your head? Commercial face wash of some sort, exfoliant, toner, wrinkle cream, acne treatments, moisturizer… Do you have those things in your bathroom right now?  Look at the labels. Can you pronounce what’s in those products?  Do you know what they are?

Most likely not. So why are we putting that junk on our face?!  Our skin is porous and absorbs everything we put on it. It goes deeper than just the skin surface."

No more chemicals on my face! 



"How nice of you to ask! My Skintervention is going really well, thank you!

I’m sure you remember a few months ago when I wrote about the amazing Skintervention Guide by Liz Wolfe. Well. Since then, I've been working on my own Skintervention by feeding my skin inside and out. I've been Skinterventioning for about three months now and my results have been amazing. My skin is softer, clearer and more even..."

I'm in LURVE with Primal Life Organics



"I have been on the path to cleaning up my diet for quite some time now.  I will admit it has been a continued work in progress.  It did not happen all at once but I am pretty pleased with where I am now.  Noticing all the positive changes I was feeling from cleaning up my diet got me thinking about other ways to care for and nurture my body.  After reading so many nutrition labels, I started reading the labels on everything.  It is amazing how many words I cannot pronounce on my shampoo bottle.   From there, I set out to clean up my beauty regimen as well as clean up the products we are using in our home."

Primal Life Organics Review



"At this point, the paleo diet is relatively well-known. But what a lot of people might not have caught on to is the lifestyle aspect of the paleo movement. Much like veganism, which encompasses everything from food, to clothing, to hygiene, paleo products are not limited to food, and the paleo movement is not limited to cooking. Primal Life Organics provides high quality products for people who have embraced a more holistic paleo approach, and I was fortunate to get to sample several items myself."

Product Review: Primal Life Organics



"I have to say that I’m loving the results that my hair gets from no ‘pooing. Before I jumped on the no ‘poo bandwagon, I had to shampoo every single day, and If I skipped, it was obvious. That being said, since I started no ‘poo, I had been having a similar problem. Sure my hair looked fabulous after my baking soda/ACV treatment…for about 36 hours. Then it dissolved into greasy yuckiness. And this didn’t seem to be getting better. In fact, it felt like it was getting worse. So I got a little desperate. I started asking questions, LOTS of them."

PLO Dirty Poo Review



"Just in time for Christmas, PLO has a new line of products available called Primal Colors, for women looking for a truly chemical free makeup option. Stacy’s good friend and team member, Courtney, jumped at the chance to do this fun review! I mean, what girl doesn’t like to experiment with new make-up?"

Review: Primal Colors Makeup by Primal Life Organics