Liz Wolfe, www.CaveGirlEats.com, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, featured as a “nutritional expert” in OK! Magazine, writer, Paleo Magazine and co-host of Balanced Bites Podcast:
I've been obsessed with Paleo-style skin care (ie: what goes ON is just as important as what goes IN) - ever since I realized my personal care products were LOADED with ingredients I couldn't pronounce, remember, nor trace back to the source. I finally took the leap and ditched all the old stuff and moved on to more Paleo-friendly skin care, beginning with the basics: the Oil Cleansing Method, a bit of oil to moisturize, and baking soda and apple cider vinegar for exfoliation and toning. 
But I was missing something. Yes, I stripped my routine down to "the basics," but I knew there were some amazing properties to the oils, clay, and other natural earth-derived products that Trina uses as part of Primal Life Organics. With the assault the Modern world makes on our skin every day, I knew I wanted MORE nourishment, MORE anti-aging, and MORE anti-inflammatory action. And I needed someone who KNEW where to find these things in nature, as well as how to source and combine them!
Trina knows her stuff. Just take a moment to read her ingredient descriptions - did YOU know frankincense not only helps prevent wrinkles, but promotes a feeling of serenity? That Clary sage promotes skin regeneration AND balances oil production? Theres an entire WORLD of natural, skin-loving compounds out there, and Trina is an absolute expert. 
It's not an exaggeration to say my skin (and health) is better now than ever before. (Seriously - I'm glowing!) I'm so grateful to have found Trina and Primal Life Organics!


Peggy, from The Primal Parent, one of my favorite "paleo blogs", did a review / interview of Primal Life Organics and some of our products.  The entire review can be read here: 

What Is In Your Natural Beauty Care Products?


I am very excited to post this testimonial. If you read Peggy's article:

What Is In Your Natural Beauty Care Products?

you may remember my reference to the "50-year-old female that is my best referring customer because her skin has noticeably gone from dull and aging to amazing with excellent tone and color in a matter of months."   Rebecca, a self-proclaimed "product junkie," has had great success with the Infiniti Primal Face Package and is thrilled to share her story:

I am Rebecca and I am 52 years old.

I have been using Primal Life Organics' Ocean Face Cleanser, Infiniti Face Serum and Infiniti Face Moisturizer for over a year now. I had previously used a professional anti-aging skin care line obtained in a dermatologist's office. I had used that product off and on over a span of several years. It gradually became too harsh for my skin and I was no longer able to use that skin care line.

I spoke with various skin care consultants about an alternative. I tried several different product lines. Although numerous product claims of visible anti-aging results, I did not notice much difference in my skin in terms of a healthy glow, improved skin tone and reduced pore size. 

Discussing these effects with Trina Felber, she suggested I try her new Infiniti Primal Face Package. I agreed to try the cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. The products are very easy to use. The fine sea salt in the Ocean cleanser leaves my skin so smooth and glowing. After almost 6 weeks of use, coworkers started to mention that my skin looked beautiful and glowing. I have noticed progressively diminished pore size, and a healthy skin tone.

I have recently vacationed at a well known resort spa, where the employees commented on my beautiful skin and asked what product line I use. There are numerous other compliments that I have had as well.  Prior to using Trina's products, I was NEVER complimented on my skin... Now, people want to know what I am using!

I am happy to say Primal Life Organics has been the answer for me. I will continue to use the products, and recommend them to all my friends and those who ask.

Thanks Rebecca!!!  

Hi Trina,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say I LOVE my new skincare!! I have tried quite a few organic products in the past and they've always been disappointing. I switched from XXX to your products when I received them last week, and to be honest I just hoped they'd be okay. They are amazing!!!!!! Seriously, my skin is the best it's ever been already. It's unbelievable. Thank you so much, this has honestly exceeded my wildest expectations. You have a passionate convert! :-)

All the best,

Australia, (Infiniti Primal Face Package)

Paleosophy Review: A new Primal Lifer!

I received another testimonial from Amy, creator of a new paleo blog called Paleosophy.  Don’t forget to add her to your favorites.  Here is her testimonial:

I wanted to write and tell you how amazing your products are and how happy I am that I’ve found you!!

For most of my adult life, I’ve had issues with my skin.  It started as a teenager, with breakouts here and there and at 14 I went on my first round of antibiotics to keep my skin clear.  It did improve but the minute I stopped the medication, the problems came back.  I continued like this on and off through high school and college.   It was never terrible, all over, acne everywhere- but there were definite breakouts and when I did get pimples, they were large and very painful.

As I grew up and started playing with different forms of skincare, I noticed it was always either oily or dry but never could find its equilibrium.  After switching to products for sensitive skin, it seemed to improve greatly and my breakouts were relegated to “that time of the month” which I could deal with.

Fast forward a few years, and all of the sudden I was getting a strange rash around my mouth at what seemed like random times.  The rash was somewhat mild (no real pain or itch) and it didn’t look exactly like acne, but it was definitely red bumps all around my chin.  After trying everything I knew how to treat it, I finally broke down and went back to the dermatologist for a quick fix (more antibiotics)!

I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, which basically means I get a rash around my mouth, but the dermatology community doesn’t know what causes it.  So they prescribed medication and a steroid topical cream and sent me home.  Again, some improvement, but I really wanted to find a natural way to treat the problem, not just a band-aid for the symptoms. 

When I went paleo three months ago, my skin started getting better and I knew it must have been gluten in my diet since I ate fairly well before I completely converted.  I looked into natural products and removing the gluten from my soap and face wash, but it was so hard to find something that was truly natural.  Even most products that are “gluten free” have dozens of other chemicals in them.  

After struggling to find natural products without chemicals,  I stumbled upon Primal Life Organics and am a customer for life!! (Trina, please don’t ever stop making this stuff, it’s amazing!!!). 

I was so excited to find a truly natural alternative for my skincare and immediately ordered the entire Infiniti Anti- Aging package and the body butter.  I figured if we put lotion everywhere, imagine how many chemicals enter our bodies through our arms and legs, not just our face.  So I loaded up my cart and anxiously checked the mailbox for the package. 

I have been using the products now for about a month and the results are phenomenal!  My skin is glowing, my rashes/ acne is cleared up, and I am off all the medications.  The face wash, serum and moisturizer all make your face feel clean, balanced and so fresh!  The body butter is equally amazing and gives your body such a pretty glow (especially when the sun reflects off it).

I will be a Primal Life Organics customer for life and can’t wait for more of Trina’s great products!! I am already sharing these products with my friends and family and have had amazing feedback from them too! 

Great job Trina, I can’t wait to order more again soon! I am launching my own paleo blog, Paleosophy, and will be posting about your products often, I can’t wait to share them :)

You saved my skin!!!



Thanks Amy!


Primal Life Organics- An Amazing Paleo Skincare Line

Monday, July 9, 2012 by 



It is well established in the scientific community that anything we put on our skin or hair is absorbed into our bodies.  So much so that more drug companies are starting to use skin patches as a way to deliver medication to patients.  Next time you’re in the shower, take a look at the ingredient label on your shampoo or face wash and ask yourself if you would eat all of that, because essentially you are.

It is daunting when you start to think about the enormous amounts of chemicals we expose ourselves to daily.  Many of these things we can’t control (air quality, cleaning agents outside the home, etc.) but I choose to control those that I can, and I’m starting with my skincare!!

It is estimated that the average American uses 10 cosmetic products each day, adding up to over 100 chemicals each day.  Over the course of a year, scientists believe this adds up to 5 lbs. of chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies (scary, I know!!).  The European Union has banned about 1100 of these bad chemicals, the US, only about 12!  Things like gluten, sulfates, parabens,  phthalaes, glycols and many others are found in our soaps, shampoos, lotions and toothpaste.  Continued exposure to these toxins has been found to cause a host of problems in humans from cancer, to hormonal problems, developmental problems in children, and many, many more.  Do a Google search if you really want to dig deep…

What’s the point of removing toxins from your diet if you put them right back in through your skincare?  I started to research natural skincare products that I could use to avoid these chemicals.  I know I’m still exposed to many others day-to-day, but if I eliminate toxins in my food and my skincare, I figure it’s a pretty good start, right !?!  As I started looking, many of the most natural looking products still had dozens of chemicals I couldn’t understand on the ingredient list.  They were labeled gluten-free and organic, but I didn’t feel like that was enough.

Then I found Primal Life Organics and am amazed at their products!!!  Seriously, you have to try them…   I ordered my first package and am hooked!  Trina (the incredible owner and Paleo advocate who developed the products for her family) only uses natural ingredients- things like coconut, olive and jojoba oils, aloe vera and rosemary extract. The line has face washes, moisturizers, soap, serums, and now toothpowder, lip balm and deodorant.

I have been using Trina’s products for about 8 weeks now and my skin is absolutely glowing!!!  My first package was the Infiniti Anti-Aging package (because duh, no one likes wrinkles!).

  • Ocean Primal Face Wash- Comes in a small dropper bottle and a little bit of the liquid goes a LONG way.  Put a few drops in your palm and they turn into the most amazing lather.  Your face feels truly clean and refreshed but not dried out!
  • Infiniti Primal Face Toner- I spray twice onto a cotton ball and swab this all over my face, twice a day after each wash.  It’s amazing, that’s all I can say!  Makes my face feel so rejuvenated!
  • Infiniti Primal Face Serum- Is my new “night treatment” and I put a few drops all over my face before bed to repair the damage done during the day by environmental toxins I can’t control.  I wake up glowing and my skin is so smooth.
  • Infiniti Primal Moisturizer- Because there are no additives in Primal Life Organics products, the moisturizer comes with a little wooden spoon to get the wax out. You then warm it in your hand to spread it out.  This has become my daily moisturizer and is a great base for makeup.  Love it!
  • Primal Body Butter- As I was doing my research and learning about all these chemicals, the largest area of absorption was all over from my daily body lotion, so I figured I might as well get this too and I’m so glad I did. It comes the same way as the moisturizer, the wax needs to be warmed to spread but it feels and looks so great on (gives a shimmery glow!).

I recently received the Toothpowder, Deodorant (already have rave reviews on this one from family with an allergy to commercial deodorant chemicals), Primal Hand Repair, Primal Herbal-Clay Face Mask and Pomegranate Primal Face Serum (for around the eyes) and a Primal Lip Balm. I will write another review of these next week for you all, but I’m already so excited about the results I’m getting so far and being able to eliminate more toxins from my daily regimen.

Trina makes various formulations for different types of skin and she’s amazing.  If you’re not sure which one to order, email her and she’s always happy to help!  Take a look at each product to understand how all the ingredients work together, but here are the details on my Infiniti Face Serum (and why I love it so much!!).

Sorry this post is so long, but I really love this line of skincare and can’t get enough! Click the link below to check out Primal Life Organics online, or I link to it in the right sidebar for easy access!  I have had problems with my skin for years now (see my testimonial on the Primal Life Organics blog) and have been rescued by this line.  I hope you all are able to try some of it out, it’s incredible!





Primal Life Organics- Round 2

Thursday, July 19, 2012 by 

Last week I told you about Primal Life Organics, a skincare line I found that uses all natural ingredients (literally, real ingredients, not chemicals!!).  I have been using some of the products for a few months now and just tried a few more.  I wanted to give you all the details so when you order, you’ll know what will work best for you!

One of the most surprising things I found as I started looking into the chemicals in our beauty products was how many toxins are actually in our toothpaste.  Check out this article if you want more details, or go to the Primal Life Organics blog.  Either way, most commercial toothpastes contain many toxic chemicals that can cause serious trouble if ingested (as may be the case with young children) or with extended exposure.

As far as the new products go, they’re absolutely amazing (as I expected) but below are some thoughts as you consider removing the toxins from your beauty products as well.



  • Toothpowder- this toothpaste blew me away actually!  First off, it looks like mud when you open the container (because it’s made of clay and peppermint to naturally clean, whiten and freshen).  Seems a little weird at first and the salty taste is very different from the artificially sweetened toothpaste we’re used to, but I must say, my teeth feel so incredibly clean after I brush with it!!  The trace minerals from the clay are also extremely good for you (another bonus!).   I’ll admit I was skeptical, but this toothpaste is seriously amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using anything else.
  • Pomegranate Face Serum- I’ve been using this around my eyes at night and it’s great!  It’s made of pure cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil, which has been used for many years to restore and replenish skin.  I wake up without any puffiness and my eyes seem brighter in the morning!  Definitely a great addition!!
  • Hand Repair- What can I say… after a hard workout or a good dishwashing and everything in between, this stuff will leave your hands softer than you could imagine!  Great for blisters and sores (after a workout), it’s a must have!  Thank you Trina, this stuff is awesome!
  • Herbal-Clay Face Mask- the various kinds of clay and herbs in this mask all work together to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed!! I just blended the powder with water, but you can add some ingredients like Paleo mayo or lemon juice to tailor to your specific skin. Either way, this is a new part of my weekly regimen.  I loved how my skin felt after I used it and it was a great way to wash away the weekend and start fresh for the week!
  • Lip Balm- I am and will most likely always be addicted to chap stick.  I loved the balm from PLO because it is truly natural and made my lips extremely soft and smooth.  If you want to ditch the chemicals in your lip balm, try this it’s soooo good!  Fan for life!!!
  • Stick Up Deodorant- For a while now, chemicals present in commercial deodorants have been found in breast tumors and have caused severe allergic reactions in some people.  The pit stick from PLO is a great alternative for those with allergic reactions (I know first hand from family who has used this and didn’t react) or those looking to truly cut out chemicals from their deodorant.  It’s great and keeps you fresh all day long. Highly recommend this one!


I really can’t say enough good things about these products!! They have made a huge difference for me and I know they will for you too!  It seems like such a waste removing toxins from our food, just to put them back in through our beauty products.  I don’t think we’ll ever be able to completely avoid them, but removing toxins from our food and the things we put directly on our bodies has to be a good start.

Click the link below if you want to check out their website, or the link on the right sidebar of the page.  Feel free to email any questions you have as well, I’d be happy to help!!





Another GREAT review from another Primal Lifer!

Arsy, from Paleo Blog Rubies and Radishes, recently did a review of a selection of my products:  

I have mentioned here before that my transition to a paleo lifestyle first started with food, but eventually led to making major changes in my skincare/beauty regimen, as well as our household cleaning products. If I am not eating toxins, why would I put them all over my body and spray them all over my house? These changes were the logical next step for me. For the most part this has included using very basic ingredients - coconut oil as moisturizer, olive oil as eye makeup remover, apple cider vinegar as toner, etc. Every once in a while I might mix up something a little fancier, but honestly not often.  My routine had become very basic. I am a girl dammit and I enjoy pampering myself! So, I was very excited when I first heard about Primal Life Organics and I was even more excited when I had an opportunity to try out their products. For the last 2 weeks, I have exclusively been using Primal Life Organics products and here is what I thought about it.

I was first drawn to the company because I love the idea of a skincare company that I could trust to take their ingredients as seriously as most of us take our diet in the paleo world. Trina Felber, the founder of Primal Life Organics, uses all paleo ingredients in her products. Everything is 100% natural and not like how Burt’s Bees & Avalon Organics, etc. are “natural”. I mean, she uses real ingredients that you can pronounce and are familiar with. All her products are made fresh with raw ingredients. They do not use any chemicals, emulsifiers, alcohol or water.

Primal Pit Stick, Deodrant :: I had to start here because … OMG! I have finally found a deodrant that works for me. I have pretty much tried every deodrant that EWG has labeled as safe that I could find and none of them have worked for me, no joke! This is really someplace that I have struggled in my transition to natural products. I have been putting this on once a day in the morning and it has been very effective all day, even the days that I took long walks. The ingredients are very simple (organic coconut oil, baking soda, organic pure filtered beeswax) and the scent is very light.

Earth Primal Face Wash :: This was another product that I instantly fell in love with. I love the scent, it is very earthy and natural. It feels really nice on your skin - it’s smooth and silky when you are using it & it leaves your skin feeling very clean and refreshed.

Infiniti Pregnancy Formula Primal Face Moisturizer :: My skin has become fairly dry lately, as a result of being preggers. I felt a difference within days of using this moisturizer. My skin tone became much more even and soft. I also love the scent. I am not sure how to describe it, it is very unique and refreshing. It deeply moisturizes my skin, yet absorbs quickly, allowing my makeup to go on very smoothly.

Infiniti Pregnancy Formula Primal Face Toner :: I’ve been spraying this on after I wash my face and before I put on my Infiniti Primal Moisturizer. It’s another great product. It makes my skin feel very hydrated and nourished. I think it is also helping even out my skin tone. This product probably has my favorite scent, as you can imagine I have been very sensitive to smells for the past 9 months. This really smells wonderful. It has a light smell of rose water, without being overwhelming.

Primal Hand Repair :: love! love! love! This has seriously been a life-saver and an amazing replacement for my usual coconut oil. I have been doing ALOT of dishes lately, since I’ve been neck deep in recipe testing. My hands are constantly dry and although my usual coconut oil moisturizes them, it takes forever to absorb, so leaving my hands super greasy. The hand repair cream is the exact opposite - very moisturizing, but not at all greasy. The scent is very mild, which I really like.

Infiniti Primal Face Serum :: I found this product very hydrating. It didn’t make my skin as moisturized as the “Infiniti Pregnacy Formula Primal Face Moisturizer”, but this is likely because my skin is so dry right now. I used this product on days where I didn’t feel that I needed as deep of a moisturizer. I think this will be a great product for after my pregnancy, when my skin feels a little more normal.

Pomegranate Primal Face Serum :: I used this as an under eye-cream nightly and I also rubbed it on my belly before bed. This product is made purely of pomegranate seed oil - I thought that was impressive! As you can imagine, I have been sleeping terribly lately, so I wake up looking very tired. This product has helped me look a bit fresher in the mornings.

Overall, I would highly recommend this line of products to all of my girlfriends. Every product went on really nicely and left my skin feeling soft, rejuvenated and nourished. I have a very strong sense of smell at the moment, I was pleasantly surprised to find that none of the scents bothered me and I actually found them all to be very enjoyable and soothing, probably because there are no added fragrances and the scents come purely from the essential oils. Another thing to note about Primal Life Organics, is that a little goes a long way! You really only need a few drops of each product. I love that I can purchase products that are not filled with chemicals, that will actually help my skin become healthier! I am sold, and will definitely be using these products as part of my daily skincare regimen!

Thanks Arsy for a wonderful review!!

I received my Infiniti Primal Face package about a week ago - AWESOME stuff!!  I've been primal a little over a year, but over the last couple of months have begun to rid myself of residual toxins - namely the things I put on my body.  Kind of crazy how I've been so diligent about what I put in my body but haven't given much thought to what I put on my body!

I have "mature" skin and and have had serious issues with dry, peeling skin on my nose for a couple of years.  I've tried the simple to the expensive - coconut oil to prescription creams with little improvement.  After less than a week using the Infiniti moisturizer and serum, I'm seeing noticeable improvement for the first time!  In fact, my entire face seems more vibrant and the texture of my skin is so smooth.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the continued improvements in the weeks to come!

Thank you for carefully thinking through and explaining the ingredients in all the products.  I have the ocean face wash and it leaves my face feeling so clean and fresh.  The toner is not what I expected, but so much better - it's like a little spray of sunshine! The moisturizer and serum both are super calming and hydrating without the heaviness that comes from some products with this richness.  The exotic, earthy scents of all the products transport me to my travels through India and South Asia - so lovely!

Thanks for such wonderful products!

Beth Hollingsworth
I just had to write you to tell you how AWESOME your products are!  I have been using your Carrot Seed Primal Face package and in just two weeks I have noticed a HUGE difference!  My skin tends to be on the oily side and the products I have always used tend to dry out my skin and leaving tiny flakes on my nose and cheeks that became more noticable with face powder.   Ugh...I hated this!!!  I've tried so many moisturizers (expensive name brands from the department stores) over the years, but was disappointed every time.  With your products though, the flakes were literally gone within 3 days and my face looks so much smoother!  I just turned 40 and want to keep my skin looking young and healthy!  With your products, I am finally achieving this effortlessly!  Thank you, thank you!!

Hi Trina,

I wanted to write a testimonial about your products because it's not too often I've come across a skin care product that is not just suitable for my skin but also meets the criteria of being organic, all-natural, and is free of harsh chemicals.

I purchased your carrot seed cleanser about a month and a half ago. At the time, I guess you could say I was hopeful but skeptical. I have had chronic, cystic acne and excessively oily skin since I was 9 years old (I'm 31 now). I had seen dermatologists for years and tried every acne prescription available - a couple partially worked but not for long. I was tired of wasting money and becoming more and more disheartened every time I looked in the mirror. It was both emotionally and physically painful.

When I discovered your products I had been eating primal for only a month at that point. I was starting to feel the beginnings of some changes but knew I still had a ways to go. While I knew that diet was probably the most influential way to clearer skin, I believe in holistic approaches and was fed up with the chemical-filled skin care products that certainly did not work for me and likely just made things worse. I resisted the urge to buy all of your products at once and decided to just start with the carrot seed cleanser - (http://www.primallifeorganics.com/products/carrot-seed-primal-face-cleanser) that way, if I didn't like it, I wouldn't be out too much money. Well, no worries about that because I LOVE it! My skin is clear - seriously! While I still have a lot of scars, the painful, inflammed bumps are gone. While this is probably a combination of diet and skincare, I find the cleanser is soothing and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It leaves my skin soft and in equal-balance...I have never used a cleanser that actually made my skin feel balanced so that is a big deal to me. Dry, irritated patches are gone and the excessively oily patches are less so.

I am getting low on my cleanser so will soon need to put in an order for more. While I'm at it, I'm also going to be trying some of your other products, such as the serum, moisturizer, and deodorant. Thanks so much for creating such a great product that works not just for my skin but the primal lifestyle as a whole.


Hi Trina,

I have to start out by saying I NEVER write testimonials or product reviews- but in this case- I HAVE to!  I am a skin consultant for a well-known skincare company on the West Coast.  I have been Paleo for over 3 years.  Trust me when I say I have tried EVERYTHING and I am very familiar with high-end products.  I HAVE NEVER HAD RESULTS WITH ANYTHING UNTIL I CAME ACROSS Primal Life Organics!  I am amazed at the instant change in my complexion.

I have read other reviews you posted from others that boasted about the difference in the clarity and texture of their skin after using one of your product lines- that is the reason I decided to try it, but let me tell you, I never had any hopes being satisfied.  Mediocre was my goal. 

I received my Infiniti Face Package four weeks ago and let me tell you!!!  I know you refer to your products as Paleo Skin-Food- but I am here to tell you I call it PALEO SKIN-CRACK!!!  No Kidding!  My skin LOVES it and wants more!  I have no idea how you do it, but PLEASE never stop making this stuff!  My skin has never, ever looked this fresh, clear, bright and toned.  I no longer wear make-up- just a very small amount! 

 I was on the fence with purchasing your products for two months.  I read a few articles and testimonials from my favorite Paleo Bloggers and all of them have been consistently positive.   I decided to purchase and I am a Primal Lifer too! 

 Anyone on the fence because they just “haven’t found what they are looking for and are afraid to spend more money”- LOOK NO FURTHER! 

 PALEO SKIN-CRACK is incredible, like no other and totally worth the money!  Thanks Trina for the amazing Paleo skincare! 


Just call me Sunny!


Hi Trina,


I received my order a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to let you know how much I love the carrot seed moisturizer. You suggested that moisturizer when I mentioned that I have good skin but oily in the t-zone. I recently went to Telluride, CO where it was dry, and my skin felt great! This was my 10th year visiting Telluride over Labor Day weekend where the annual Telluride Film Festival was held. Using the carrot seed moisturizer, my face never felt dry once the entire 8 days I was there. In the past, I would feel dryness on my cheeks while oil was pouring off my t-zone, but not this time! I love the carrot seed cleanser as well because my face does not feel dry after washing. Neither did I get the squeaky clean feeling after using it. It was perfect! The lip balm was great as well since it prevented my lips from chapping. In the past 9 years, my lips would start to chap after 5 days or so due to the altitude and dry weather. Finally, the powdered toothpaste was perfect though it took a little getting used to. And it was totally TSA friendly (for those who travel light)!! 

Thank you so much!




Good morning - I received my order of the Infiniti Face Anti-Aging last week.  I just want to tell you that I just threw away ALL of the various chemical-laden skincare products I own.  I will never use anything else.  I am absolutely amazed how good my skin looks after using your products for less than a week.  I am stunned.  It is like my skin just devours the oils and nutrition in your products.  I ordered the earth cleanser and it feels so good on my skin.  I am not kidding when I say my skin has never looked so good.  The lines between the eyebrows, the ones the botox pushers call "11s," are fading fast.  I am so glad I stumbled upon your site and your wonderful, wonderful products.  Totally worth the money.  Thank you so much for making your products available to everyone. 
Peggie L.
Just wanted to say this is amazing. Nothing has ever worked for my skin. I have a lot of scarring (from picking) and many hormonal breakouts. It's only been two weeks and I can see a HUGE difference. Will keep tracking progress and send a longer review soon! THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!   ~Jessica

A couple weeks ago, I ordered your clay toothpaste and dirty mouth serum - OMG, I LOVE the dirty mouth serum (the clay toothpaste is pretty great also)! I quit using mouthwash when I went Paleo. The serum has replaced that "need". I will brush my teeth then swish with a drop or two of serum and water in my mouth, then use my waterpik (which nicely distributes the serum around my mouth). Amazing how clean and fresh my mouth feels. Now I need to get an additional bottle to carry in my purse to replace the sketchy gluten-free gum I carry! ~Kelly
Hi Trina,

I received my order a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to let you know how much I love the carrot seed moisturizer. You suggested that moisturizer when I mentioned that I have good skin but oily in the t-zone. I recently went to Telluride, CO where it was dry, and my skin felt great! This was my 10th year visiting Telluride over Labor Day weekend where the annual Telluride Film Festival was held. Using the carrot seed moisturizer, my face never felt dry once the entire 8 days I was there. In the past, I would feel dryness on my cheeks while oil was pouring off my t-zone, but not this time! I love the carrot seed cleanser as well because my face does not feel dry after washing. Neither did I get the squeaky clean feeling after using it. It was perfect! The lip balm was great as well since it prevented my lips from chapping. In the past 9 years, my lips would start to chap after 5 days or so due to the altitude and dry weather. Finally, the powdered toothpaste was perfect though it took s little getti