Get your Glow Back this Holiday Season

The year flew by and I recently thought: “Before Resolution, I need a Revival!!”

In just a few short weeks, we will have made it through the holiday season! Whew! The house guests and visits from friends and family will slow down, we’ll be finished with the hustle and bustle of gift giving, meal and treat making and good deed doing, and we’ll get to sit down and relax (hopefully!).

This time of year, it’s easy to break our healthy habits and choose late night holiday parties, sleeping in instead of leaving a warm bed and so many more temptations to help us through our busiest and most exhausting season. Sometimes, even Bulletproof Coffee can’t make up for all the energy we put into the end-of-year dash!Coffee Seed Oil

If you’re in need of a “Winter Revival” I have created the perfect Paleo friendly pick-me-up you need — and one you can feel great about indulging in. Just like the first smell of the coffee beans in the morning,my NEW Coffee Bean Face Serum will enliven your skin and your senses. The serum mixes organic Arabica Coffee Seed Oil, Collagen Protein and organic Argan Oil – everything you need to get the glow back in your skin in time to ring in the New Year!

When applied topically, caffeine revitalizes the skin and can prompt new cell growth. Coffee seed oil is pressed from coffee beans and is a rich, natural antioxidant with Vitamin E, fatty acids and sterols. Better yet, coffee seed oil helps the skin make collagen.

Collagen is a protein that “holds our skin together” or the provides build and structure of our skin. Our bodies produces less collagen with age, so giving it a protein boost rejuvenates our faces for full looking cheeks and smooth yet durable, skin. Collagen can help skin heal to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and scar damage.

Coffee Bean SerumFinally, Argan oil, is a powerful moisturizer native to Morocco that has been used for centuries. Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E Argan oil gives skin a natural smoothness and hydration that lasts, without a greasy residue.

So, on your way  from the office to the store to the party this season lock the moisture in your skin to keep it safe from the burn of cold winds and dry air, naturally.

PREORDER the Coffee Bean Serum from Primal Life Organics starting Dec. 16 on Instagram via @PrimalLifeOrg. Don’t miss your chance to revive your skin this winter! Join the fun!