2015 – Do more and feel better with less

Guest blogger Anne Dudley shares her inspiration for a healthier New Year and ideas for resolutions that you can make last all year long.

It seems like everyone makes a New Year’s resolution related to losing weight, exercising more or eating better. We all jump in on January 1 and try to make our new habits last. This year, I think it’s time for a change. Why not try to focus on other ways to live more healthfully, environmentally friendly and chemical free? The choices we make every day produce waste and can impact our bodies. Here are a few ideas I’d like to think about in 2015!

Less waste, more environmentally friendly

Several recent news stories have covered individuals or families that have gone “Waste Free.” Lauren Singer explains how she went two years without producing waste in this video. She said she “quit plastic” by taking glass jars to the store to fill up on produce and foods, buying in bulk and planning her meals so that she didn’t feel tempted to buy items in the beautiful and shiny, yet plastic, packaging.

Primal Toothpowder in bulk Singer references the Zero Waste Home blog by Bea Johnson. The blog shares what Johnson and her family have discovered through their experience with the “Zero Waste Lifestyle.” Check out her tips to “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot” your way to a waste-free life.

Even making marginal changes in your shopping habits, like buying bulk quantities of Primal Life Organics’ soap or the 4 oz refill size of the Dirty Mouth Primal Toothpowder, can make a difference. This year, I plan to make a point of not using plastic bags and buying fewer food products that are packaged in plastic.

Chemical free living

Reducing our encounters with unnatural substances is a constant battle. No matter where you are at with your journey toward healthy living, we all slip up sometimes.

A few ideas I’d like to implement in 2015 are:
Buy Primal Soap in bulk

  • Bring natural soaps to the office kitchen and bathroom
  • Pack the products I need for weekend trips or even long days so I am not tempted to buy lesser quality products when I’m in need
  • Rethink my sun protection habits before the summer or vacation starts
  • Fully make the switch from lotions to oils
  • Swap out my blush and ditch the concealer
  • Work toward washing my hair less
  • Keep learning about ways I can live a more natural lifestyle

Feed your skin and body what it needs, and ONLY what it needs, this year! Primal LIfe Organics products are chemical-free skin foods that will keep your skin looking and feeling at its best. PLO products have the nutrients, essential oils and vitamins you need, from ingredients you can recognize.