27 Days to Beautiful Skin! Ditch WATER... Love your skin!

September 22, 2019


“Throughout your life, your skin will change constantly, for better or worse. In fact, your skin will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days. Proper skincare is essential to maintaining the health and vitality of this protective organ.”  Trina Felber, Health and Beauty Nurse, age 51

I used to have the oiliest skin ever- with discolorations and scars.  Acne scars from years of picking, popping and poking.  I hid behind heavy makeup since I was 13 years old.  I was embarrassed by the scars and my discolored, blotchy skin.  At the age of 39, I was depressed and self-conscious of my “old” and “dull” looking skin.

 The ONE Ingredient To Ditch In Your Skincare

That’s when I discovered the toxins and harsh ingredients in skincare products.  I realized that WATER in my moisturizers, serums and “beauty” treatments was damaging and internally dehydrating my skin causing more oil to be produced.  The more oily my skin was, the more I “dried” it out with products for “oily/acne” skin.  If you want beautiful skin, the only place water should have in your beauty routine is to cleanse your face.  It should not be in your “products”.


The oily/acne cycle never stopped until I ditched the water and other harsh toxins in my skincare.  I started mixing my own formulations and within 3 months, my skin was acne-free and “normal”.  For the first time since the first pimple erupted around age 11, I was proud of the skin.  Really proud.   To look in the mirror and really LOVE my skin was an emotion I never thought I would experience again.

 Fading scars and discolorations is a process. Your skin is your largest organ.  Once you understand this amazing organ is meant to protect you from infections and germs and how important it is to nourish and support it with vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants… you can begin to understand why so many people suffer from skin conditions. By the way, oily, dry, combination and sometimes acne are skin conditions caused by the products you use.  Water contributes to ALL of these conditions. 

 You CAN Have The Skin You Want… Normal and Glowing!

What I discovered and changed in my skincare drastically changed the appearance of my skin.  Every 27 days my skin renews. (yours does too!  Take advantage of this!!)  While it takes a few renewal cycles to fade scars in the deeper layers of your skin, it is possible to rebuild its internal beauty and bounce! 

 What To DO

The first thing to change is what you are moisturizing your skin with.  If the first ingredient of your moisturizer is water, then you are dehydrating your skin and reducing cell renewal.  Water does not “hydrate” your skin internally.  It does the opposite.  In order to pass through your skin, what you put on your skin must be lipid-soluble or “fat”… think oils.  The reason your skin is not as firm, plump, vibrant and healthy-looking might be from that expensive moisturizer that contains water.

 Here is what I did… and how I restored and renewed the internal structures of my skin.  Within 3 months, my skin glowed… that is just 3 “RENAL” cycles. 

 I switched to Water-Free Skincare.  Skin renewal happens when you nourish it with oils instead of water.

 I created my Beyond Serum and Beyond Moisturizer to deeply nourish the internal skin structures with ingredients that support cell regeneration.  The faster and more effective cellular regeneration- the faster skin hydrates, detoxes, regenerates and ultimate scars, age spots, and discolorations fade.  The result.  Glowing and vibrant skin that “bounces” back the way it did in your teens.


Why BEYOND?  If you want to get “beyond” the scars, dullness, and discolorations, you need the right ingredients.  Beyond Serum and Moisturizer are made with baobab, tamanu, calendula, sea buckthorn, lavender, geranium, frankincense, myrrh, cypress and other oils that care for your skin… from the inside to support your 27-day skin renewal process.

Just think, in 27 days, your skin will glow with BEYOND… a skin-food diet fortified with vitamins A, D, E, F, oleic acid, linoleic acid and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, antioxidants and more! 

Available in the face package Infiniti and Beyond, Beyond Serum and Beyond Moisturizer

 Trina’s 27-day Skin Renewal Program: Infiniti And Beyond Package

 Sleep and renew your skin in 27 days!  Look years younger, feel more confident and love your skin again!  

❤️Trina, your Health & Beauty Nurse

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