Caught Stinky and Without Deodorant?? Here are a few things you can use in a pinch…

Want a few ideas of things you can use as deodorant in a pinch? Say it’s 2pm and you notice an odor under your arms- your not at home; maybe you’re sitting at your office desk. What might you have close-by that you can use as deodorant?? Trina tackles this question in today’s episode of Ask Trina Anything!

Question: Trina, sometimes in the middle of the day, my pits get stinky.  What can I do to “de-stink” when I don’t have my deodorant?

When this has happened to you, what have you done?  I don’t really want to use anything with chemicals.


Products Trina mentions:

Stick Up

Stick Up Natural Deodorant


Dirty Mouth Toothpowder to REMINERALIZE and STRENGTHEN Teeth


Grunt Lip Balm


Hand Repair Balm


Toilet Water

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