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How Your Cosmetics and Skincare are Wreaking Havoc on Your Body

It’s no secret that chemicals and toxins have invaded our planet down to the very air we breathe. You know to buy organic produce and steer clear of GMOs, but what about your cosmetics and skin care products?

The average woman uses about 15 personal care products a day, from toothpaste and face wash to deodorant and shampoo. Unfortunately, most of them include toxic ingredients. Even the lotions and cleansers that claim to enhance your beauty and protect your skin are actually brimming with dangerous chemicals.

Ugh! It’s time to unveil these products for what they really are — toxic soup — and identify safe and natural alternatives.

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Trina’s 7 Steps To Hydrate Winter Skin

The winter dry air sucks the moisture right out of your skin… but I created a hydrating solution! Follow my 7 Steps To Hydrate Winter Skin and watch your complexion go from dull to vibrant in no time at all! Remember- dehydrated skin, from the inside and outside, accentuates aging. Think of it this way- a plum is well hydrated and plump! A prune is a water-poor, or dehydrated plum. Water-based skincare, artificial ingredients in both skincare and food, and winter temperatures all dehydrate your plum and make you look like a prune!

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