Winter Running Guide! Get Your (Winter) Gear On! Bonus: & Tips For Keeping Skin Hydrated

Are you a runner?  Do you live with one?

Do you love to run in the winter but the chill keeps you inside on a treadmill??

NOT ME! I run outside (in OHIO) all year round… but I have invested in the right running gear which allows me to stay warm during bone-chilling temperatures.

Check out my video for my Winter Running Gear Guide… these are great gift ideas for the Winter Runner in your life (and for yourself!)

Let the fresh, chilled air fill your lungs and experience the magic of winter! For some reason, it is so invigorating to head outdoors when all of the rest of your world is fighting Mother Nature.  Embrace the beauty of a winter run… when the snow starts to fall and your heat vapor fills the air, you will come to life and never want to face that treadmill again!  Enjoy… here is the gear worth mentioning:

Ice Bug Winter Running Shoes    


Experience the magic of a Winter Run!

Oakley Ski Goggles

Burton Gloves

Ski Mask by Under Armour

Title Nine Cold Killer Pants

Smart Wool PhD Wind Tight

Under Armour: Cold Gear

Water bottle Healthy Human

Read Trina’s 7 Steps To Hydrate Winter Skin



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