Become Best Friends With Your Skin

Do you look in the mirror in complete confusion when looking at your skin? Knowing your skin type can be rather difficult. It varies from person to person and can be highly affected from outside factors. For example, stress, weather, diet, or water consumption. If you do not know your skin type, there is a very high chance you are not taking care of it properly – ultimately leading to you not liking your skin. Your skin has the potential to being the goal skin type: normal. When it is properly taken care of based on your skin type, the end result will look as though you’ve had normal skin your whole life!   

Believe it or not, there are multiple different skin types: sensitive, aging, dry, oily, blemish-prone, and normal. These six skin types will determine what kind of products you should be using. I’m sure you’re wondering how to determine your skin type and how to properly take care of it at this point … here’s how you can pin-point it and know what products you should be using.


Feeling like your skin reacts to just about everything and anything you apply to it? Does your skin get flushed easily, burn easily, break out or dry easily? Sounds like you have sensitive skin. We get it, it can be frustrating to take care of. With the right products, you can protect your skin to ensure the sensitivity won’t take over your life.

PLO’s solution: Bare Cleanser – this is a polish and wash made for sensitive skin. Just because you have “high maintenance skin” does not mean your skincare should be high maintenance. It is a botanically infused, clay and herbal blend liquid face cleanser that is gentle enough for everyday use. Containing all-natural ingredients, this is a cleanser that allows you to know your sensitive skin is safe from harmful ingredients.


As the skin matures, fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable. Dryness, dark spots, sagging, dark circles and dullness can also be signs of aging skin. Don’t get panicked, with the right products and skincare routine, your aging skin can restore its youthfulness!

PLO’s solution: Earth Cleanser – gently exfoliate dead skin to reveal your natural glow! It is infused with white kaolin and French green clay, creating a luscious lather to cleanse the skin leaving it looking renewed and radiant. Earth is also capable of helping unclog pores and naturally remove makeup without stripping the skin. Experience healthy, youthful-looking skin with a cleanser that has hydrating oils.    


Often times you’ll notice dry skin during cold, harsh weather seasons. Overall, if you're experiencing flaking, itchiness, cracks, dry patches, etc. on your face, you have dry skin. This happens when your skin does not retain enough moisture and lacks oil. In the long run, this will eventually enhance the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

PLO’s solution: Pomegranate Cleanser – makes dry skin a thing of the past! We chose pomegranate as the secret weapon for this cleanser due to its ability to restore skin elasticity, deeply nourish the outer epidermal layer, and neutralize free radicals that otherwise cause skin damage and visible signs of aging.


Your face seems to have a constant shine. Any type of product you apply to your skin just makes you cringe because it turns into glow that looks like sweat. Oil blotting sheets? Oh yeah, those are your best friend, and you meet up with them daily.

PLO’s solution: Carrot Seed Cleanser – say “so long” to oily skin and let Primal Life Organics Carrot Seed Cleanser help you show off your natural beauty like never before. This cleanser contains carrot seed oil which is used to increase cell turnover and rosehip seed oil which helps regenerate the skin. Both of those tributes are major when it comes to oily skin due to its overproduction of sebum.


Do not get this confused with oily skin. Having blemish-prone skin means your face looks oily and shiny, all while developing pimples. We understand this is a skin type that often times lead to a decrease in confidence … there’s no need for that anymore.

PLO’s solution: Banished Cleanser – our food-formulated facial polish and wash for congested skin. We believe that you are blemish-free, and we want your skin to be blemish-free also. Skincare made with chemicals and harsh ingredients do not belong on your face. In fact, many harsh chemicals can aggravate your skin and irritate the blemishes that you struggle with.


Let’s just say, you’re rather lucky! Having this skin type is easy as pie. You do not experience many breakouts, weather doesn’t have much of an effect on your skin, and new facial products are no big deal. You do not have to moisturize nor blot the oil from your face, and you skin is firm with slim to no fine lines and wrinkles. As mentioned before, this is the goal skin type. If you have normal skin, whether it be by using the right products when you have a different skin type or it is naturally this way, keep doing your thing!   

PLO’s solution: continue your healthy, natural routine. Everyone’s skin has the potential to be a normal skin type. For example, if you have oily skin but take care of it properly and use the right products, you’ll experience the normal skin type. On the other hand, if you naturally have normal skin, feel free to use whatever products of ours you love the most! Each one feeds your skin the proper nutrients it needs to look and feel its best.

Now that you have determined your skin type and know what product to use, start your natural skincare routine! Primal Life Organics offers soil to soul skincare solutions, giving you a whole line of products to support each skin type. We want you to feel your best, look your healthiest, and achieve the skin you fantasize.