Foundation Secret for the Summer

We can all agree that nothing makes you look or feel as gorgeous as sun-kissed, skin?!!

From the beginning of the season to the end, showing off that summer skin is what we all look forward to while we’re sunning, funning and beaching! Am I right…or am I right?

But it’s not all bronzing and bathing suits, sun-kissed skin has the potential to become a real beauty hazard. No, I’m not referring to sun damage because I know all my Primal Lifers are using the right products for daily summer care, and before and after sun protection.

I’m referring to “mismatched foundation syndrome”.
Yes, you heard that right! That’s when your golden-glow
and makeup are no longer perfectly paired.

I have 4 foundation add-ins that are easy and will ensure you avoid this summer debacle.

And if altering your foundation doesn’t work for you, I get it, support it and encourage you to flaunt your Naked Skin Confidence!

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