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Product Review! Paleo on the Go!

In this blog we’ve got two great reviews of Paleo on the Go! See what “The Paleo Kids” from Primal Life Organics have to say about Paleo on the Go Chocolate Chip Cookies in the video below and read about a few of their more savory dishes as reviewed by guest Cave Girl blogger Heather […]

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‘Tis the Season: Garden Grown Paleo and Fall Skinfood

Guest Cavegirl blogger Heather Seikel ha been waist deep in her garden this summer harvesting fresh zucchini and kale! She’s got a few recipes that will show you Primals how rewarding growing your own garden really is!  All that Zucchini  “Waste Not, Want Not” is a motto Guest Cave Girl blogger Heather Seikel  grew up hearing and lives […]

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RECIPE: Bulletproof Coffee

Several months ago, I heard about this trend “Bulletproof coffee” and I’m not going to lie, I was a little terrified. Butter AND oil in my coffee? That sounds like a really bad way to start your day. The idea behind Bulletproof coffee traces back to ancient Tibetan Butter Tea. The idea is that the […]

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Favorite Summer Salads, Homemade Pickles and a Refreshing Dessert

 Guest blogger Anne Dudley shares a few of her favorite, Cavegirl-friendly summer dinner ideas. When it’s too hot to cook, quick and simple salads save me from splurging on to-go meals, or eating shakes and smoothies for dinner every night. Having a few different fresh veggies in the fridge each week means I can get […]

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Simple Summer Recipe: Paleo Vanilla Almond Milk

Guest Cave Girl blogger Heather Seikel shares a few of her new favorite kitchen tool and a Paleo recipe for almond milk!  Looking for something cool and refreshing to make this summer? Why not try your hand at almond milk? First things first, following the K.I.S.S. Paleo recipe practice, I made Vanilla Almond Milk following Michelle Tam’s recipe.   Extensive online […]

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