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5 Reasons Why Your Deodorant is Toxic

The best natural deodorant doesn't contain these 5 harmful ingredients. The store-bought brand you've been using for years? You'll want to throw that away now.

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9 Ways Natural Deodorant is Good for You

If you’ve been buying the same antiperspirant or deodorant since you were a teen, it’s time to make a change.

Do you know how many harmful things are hiding in that stick? Store-bought deodorants are full of ingredients that can damage your body.

Thankfully, there are now many different natural deodorant options available. You can pick one up at the grocery store or easily find one online. It will keep you feeling fresh and smelling good all day long.

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How to swipe away the stink with natural deodorant!!

How to swipe away the stink with natural deodorant!!

We apply deodorant every day. Sometimes more than once a day: in the morning, before the gym, after we shower…

We use it so much, yet we probably don’t know what all is in our sticks and tubes. Is it doing more harm than good? Or is nourishing for the skin? Yes, deodorant can do that. Antiperspirant… not so much.

Deodorant and antiperspirant are two different things. Commercial deodorants are made with alcohol to kill bacteria and with fragrance to reduce the smell coming from your pits. Antiperspirant has aluminum added to reduce the amount of sweat by blocking your pores.

Antiperspirant gets a bad rap for containing aluminum. Many people believe aluminum can lead to health problems such as Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. If there are natural alternatives, why not use those?

Blocking sweat from exiting your body is bad for you. So you don’t want to use antiperspirant anyway. You want to sweat so you can cool down and remove toxins. Deodorant is the better way to go. And you should go all-natural.

Primal Life Organics makes deodorant with simple ingredients. Our unscented deodorant is made with just three: virgin coconut oil, aluminum-free baking soda and pure filtered beeswax.

Our black sensitive formula has the most ingredients at ten: virgin coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax, bentonite clay, aluminum-free baking soda, hemp seed oil, bergamot oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil and activated charcoal.

To compare, here’s the list of 14 ingredients (13 of which are inactive!!) found in a popular commercial antiperspirant: aluminum zirconium tertrachlorohydrex GLY (the only active ingredient), cyclopentasiloxane, stearyl alcohol, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, PPG-14 butyl ether, hydrogenated castor oil, PEG-8, fragrance (parfum), dimethicone, silica, polyethylene, helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil, stearath-100, BHT. (Also... take a look at the warnings on that label! Yikes!)

We use simple ingredients (that are E-A-S-Y to pronounce) made from nature to detoxify and nourish your armpits while fighting odor. When you switch from commercial deodorant to an all-natural formula, you might experience a bit of a detox period.


Your body will purge all of the chemicals that have been lingering in your pits from the commercial deodorant. Your underarms might smell a bit more than usual, or they may even smell differently. This is due to the changing bacteria. Once your body adjusts, you’ll have mostly good bacteria living there.

You might also feel like you sweat more. That’s because you’re no longer using antiperspirant. After a while, your body will even out its sweat production.

When you start using all-natural deodorant, use just a few swipes. Products like Primal Life Organics Stick Up has 100% active ingredients. It’s not watered down or packed with fillers and fragrance, so a little goes a long way.

If you want more tips and tricks for natural deodorant, watch my demo on how to apply my all-natural deodorant.

Swipe away the stink!

Stick Up™, 100% all-natural deodorant from Primal Life Organics, comes in two sizes and a variety of flavors:

Full size (2 oz) — Black Sensitive, Coconut, Forest, Lavender, Sensitive Lemon-Clove, Sensitive Lavender, Sensitive Cool Aloe, Dirty Peppermint (sensitive)

Mini size (0.75 oz) — Black Sensitive, Coconut, Lavender, Sensitive Lemon-Clove

Q&A: Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Cat Pee (ammonia)??

If you notice body odor that smells similar to cat pee… you could have an excess of ammonia in your blood.  There are some simple explanations and easy solutions if it is related to your diet, hydration status, and antiperspirant usage. 

Your body will naturally fight to keep you healthy- and when you have more ammonia than your kidneys can handle, you could be “sweating it out”!

Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA turned CEO of the natural skincare company Primal Life Organics understands the physiology within the body.  She creates her skin care line to heal the body so it can rid itself of toxins, function normally and perform optimally.  She spends her time educating others on the best natural practices to ensure health and wellbeing.

Today, She answered the question Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Cat Pee??

Did you know that a build-up of ammonia levels can cause muscle fatigue and neurological impairment?  Did you realize that using an antiperspirant can prevent you from releasing excess ammonia from your body?  A build-up of ammonia can cause your sweat to smell like cat pee and have detrimental effects on your health.  Trina talks about some of the causes of high ammonia levels (diet-related), how to improve detoxification and why/how to use natural deodorant.

Trina added clay to all of her deodorants to enhance detoxification from the pit tissue.  Other deodorants, including natural deodorants, do not cleanse the tissue and you should do a separate pit detox once a month.  When you use the Stick Up Deodorant, you detox with every application.  She also added activated charcoal to the BLACK formula for increased detox power.  

As a nurse, Trina has done the research and has developed products that improve the health of your body so you can feel better, look better and have more confidence.  One stick of the Stick Up deodorant lasts 2-3 times longer than regular deodorant and other natural deodorants.  Trust Trina today with your body and feel better tomorrow!

P.S.  This is our "most-watched" video.  We have rebranded twice since I shot this video, but the content is the same, our Stick Up deodorant formula has changed- today, all of our deodorants are baking soda-free.  The clay will bind to toxins including ammonia and pull them out of your bod.  If you have questions, email support@primallifeorganics.com and our Customer Happiness Team will assist you!  ♥️ Trina



Still have questions about natural deodorant?  Don't give up!  Download our free Natural Deodorant guide!

Stick Up Deodorant is 100% safe and effective

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Work-In Pilates TODAY!!

Work your core, strengthen your muscles, improve your mind and body… but remember to create a variety of interests.  Don’t get stuck in a yogi-rut.  Experiment with Pilates and you will not only improve the integrity of your spine, but your yoga practice will improve too!

Today’s yoga session is actually a Pilates experience. If you are a yogi, it is very beneficial to alternate different types of yoga, or add a few pilates classes to your schedule. Stacey is the owner of Barre Pose Studio in Akron, Ohio and she describes the benefits of pilates and takes the staff of Primal Life Organics through a 15 minute class! Enjoy! This was an amazing class- so share this with your family and friends!

Check out Primal Life Organics… making skincare that helps you look younger, feel better and live longer!