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Natural Deodorant: Why Do I Get A Red Rash/Why Is It Staining My Clothes?

Ever feel like your armpits are on FIRE after using a new natural deodorant?? Then, you glance at them and realize they ARE on fire- with a red rash that burns!! If you are wondering why this could happen, and if you should ditch the natural deodorants all together, read this!

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Why Does My Sweat Stink??

Help!  I have tried natural deodorants, including the Stick Up, but nothing works!  My sweat just stinks!!  What can I do about this?  Am I doomed to use antiperspirants and toxic deodorants forever?? Lois Trina examines what is BO, why does it STINK and what can you do about it!!  Natural or Not??  

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Product Review! Paleo on the Go!

In this blog we’ve got two great reviews of Paleo on the Go! See what “The Paleo Kids” from Primal Life Organics have to say about Paleo on the Go Chocolate Chip Cookies in the video below and read about a few of their more savory dishes as reviewed by guest Cave Girl blogger Heather […]

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