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They said we were crazy to call a tooth cleaning product “dirty mouth”. Crazy like a fox, maybe! Because this revolutionary tooth ...

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They said we were crazy to call a tooth cleaning product “dirty mouth”. Crazy like a fox, maybe! Because this revolutionary tooth powder takes the conventional toothpaste formula and sets it on its ear, utilizing earthen clay (yes, CLAY!) to produce a teeth cleansing product that’s got the whole dental world buzzing. But don’t worry—it doesn’t TASTE like dirt…

Quick question—how are your teeth these days? Chances are you’ve got one that aches, maybe another that’s a little sore around the gums, and several that are sensitive. But here’s the thing—they don’t HAVE to be…

Our Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder fills your mouth with vital and trace minerals important to maintain dental health the natural way. This mildly abrasive toothpowder gently polishes, detoxifies and refreshes your teeth while also helping to re-mineralize and strengthen the teeth.

You see, teeth are living, porous parts of your body. And throughout your life, foods, commercial toothpaste, medications and chemicals (food preservatives) can leech the minerals from the teeth causing your enamel to weaken and become more susceptible to decay and breakdown. The result? More sensitivity, more pain, and more risk of tooth decay and infection.

But with our Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder, you’ll get a refreshing cleansing agent that’s made from a premium blend of three earthen clays, baking soda (aluminum free), and essential oils—yet still tastes great! Check out our different flavors below…





Since November 2016






*When making the switch to Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, we suggest brushing with the regular formula for one month (to help remineralize the enamel) before using the Black formula.

Three sizes available:

  • Mini (60 brushings)
  • 1 oz. (200+ brushings)
  • 4 oz. family size (800+ brushings)
This is 100% concentrated and only a very small amount is needed. Just a dip of the top 1/2 of your brush needs dusted with toothpowder.
  • Peppermint
  • Sweet Peppermint (Sugar-free, sweetened with monk fruit, Mini, 1 oz.)
  • Spearmint
  • Sweet Spearmint (Sugar-free, sweetened with monk fruit, Mini, 1 oz.)
  • Cinnamon
  • Sweet Bubblegum (Kid Favorite! Sugar-free, sweetened with monk fruit, Mini and 1 oz.)
  • Kids Cool Orange- flavored with Sweet Orange and Spearmint Essential Oils
  • Black Toothpowder with Activated Charcoal (in Peppermint and Spearmint) whitening formula

We’re very excited about our Dirty Mouth Toothpowder with Activated Charcoal (whitening formula). Because when you brush with this formula, you not only get all the benefits of our original Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, but you also get the added benefit of activated charcoal, which can help remove discolorations, stains (coffee, tobacco, tea, etc.) and debris and leave the surface area cleaner and whiter looking.

So now you’re not only getting healthier teeth—but a whiter, brighter smile as well!

What is Monk Fruit?

Monk fruit contains natural sugars, mainly fructose and glucose.

However, unlike most fruits, the natural sugars in monk fruit are not the main compounds responsible for its sweetness.

Monk fruit extract actually gets its intense sweetness from unique antioxidants called mogrosides.

During processing, mogrosides are separated from the fresh-pressed juice of the monk fruit. Therefore, monk fruit sweetener does not contain fructose or glucose. 

Depending on the amount of mogrosides present, monk fruit extract can provide a level of sweetness around 100–250 times greater than table sugar. 


Your kids will love our Dirty Mouth products. Check out this review from a 5-year-old…


Wet your toothbrush. Shake off excess water.  Dip the tip (1/2-2/3 of the brush) in the toothpowder. Brush for 2 minutes. Spit, rinse and SMILE!

Alternative directions:

  • Scoop a small amount into your palm (or small bowl) and dip your brush into the powder. Brush for 2 minutes and SMILE!
  • Scoop a small amount of toothpowder onto your brush. Brush for 2 minutes and SMILE!

Tips for kids:

  • First trick: show them how the powder is white in the container. Let them watch you brush your teeth. When you spit- show them how it's BROWN and say "Wow, look how dirty my teeth were! Let's see how dirty your teeth are!" (Also great to get them to spit).
  • Second trick: if they won't try/use the powder, you can apply the toothpowder first (small dusting) to their brush and put their toothpaste over it. Decrease the amount of paste you apply every few days until you don't need any.

**Can follow with Boost Gum Serum to help improve and strengthen gum tissue. **The toothpowder is safe to swallow for kids and adults, but Primal Life Organics does recommend spitting your toothpowder out because clays pull toxins from your teeth and gum tissue.



“Stronger and Whiter Than Ever…”

"I was equally impressed with the Toothpowder and Gum Serum. I have had gingivitis/teeth/enamel/yellowing problems since I was a kid. The vast majority of my teeth have cavities in them and I was told as a teenager that if I didn’t do something about my teeth soon I'd have dentures by the timeI was 20. Hearing that put me into panic mode, and I began to take extra care of them. I managed to avoid dentures, but until I switched to the tooth powder/gum serum I still struggled with gingivitis, bleeding, yellowing, plaque build up and sore teeth.  No more! The last time I was at the dentist my dentist could not believe how good my teeth/gums looked, and even asked me if I went somewhere else to bleach them because they were looking so white. When I said no she asked me a lot of questions about the product I was using – to which I happily told her. My gums no longer bleed, my I have not had a cavity in ages and don’t think I ever will, and they are stronger and whiter than ever."



Ready to take back control of your dental health? Click the Add to Cart button now to get your supply of Dirty Mouth Toothpowder for the whole family!

Perfect to trial or for travel!  The MINI is a ONE month supply.

Available in 1 oz. BPA FREE plastic containers or 2 oz./4 oz. biodegradable refill bags!!! 



Remineralization can occur in your teeth- BUT 6 things HAVE to happen first.  If these 6 steps do not happen, DEMINERALIZATION will occur and the first sign of demineralization is SENSITIVE teeth. 

In this FREE webinar, you’ll find out what these 6 steps are, how to increase your ability to promote NATURAL remineralization, and HOW and WHY Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder will remineralize your teeth back to health!


INGREDIENTS: Bentonite Clay**, Activated Charcoal** (Black formula ONLY), White Kaolin Clay, Baking Soda (aluminum free)**, French Green Clay**, organic Essential Oil of choice. **Food Grade

Bentonite Clay is nontoxic and rich in vital minerals that are very beneficial for our teeth and gums – like calcium and potassium. It is a very mild abrasive clay that gently scrubs and beautifully polishes the teeth. Bentonite Clay has been used for decades as a treatment for numerous health conditions and acts as a detoxifying agent to help fight gum disease by strengthening the body's natural immunity. It works as an astringent by helping to remove tartar and clean the gums.

White Kaolin Clay is very rich in aluminum and is high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium. It helps to whiten and polish the teeth.

Baking soda (aluminum free) is alkaline with a pH of 8.1 and will neutralize the acids in the mouth and promote tooth remineralization making them cavity-resistant. Baking soda acts as a very mild abrasive for cleansing and polishing the teeth, kills germs, removes odors and can help freshen the breath.

French Green Clay (also known as Illite Clay or Sea Clay) is very absorbent, and literally "drinks" oils, toxic substances, and impurities from the tissues. Mined from bedrock quarries in France, it is sun-dried, completely natural, unscented, and fragrance free. French Green Clay is a bio-mineral, and contains decomposed plant matter as well as many trace minerals, including: silica, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, micro-algae, kelp, and phyto-nutrients. French Green Clay also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which may be helpful with some periodontal conditions.

Organic Essential Oils are used for their antiseptic qualities and to freshen the mouth and make you forget that you are brushing your teeth with Dirt!

"My hygienist RAVED about how healthy my gums were!"

I went to the dentist for my cleaning today and my hygienist RAVED about how healthy my gums were and how great my teeth looked. They did the "pocket test" where they use the little measuring stick to see about receding gums and nearly every one of my numbers went DOWN from my last visit 4 months ago! She was so impressed she had me tell the dentist what I was using! I would love if you could send her a sample. I am so glad I have gone Paleo with both my diet and skincare!! I hope to convert to No Poo over the summer when a daily pony is acceptable!  Thank you for my great dental visit today!  ~Kim



No. Myths about clay and the elements that make up a clay molecule are rampant. One deals with aluminum. Clay is a super stable compound. All of the elements that make up clay are bound together and act as a whole. Aluminum silicate is a crystal compound, and cannot be utilized by the body. Aluminum in this form is completely inert. As long as the aluminum is bound in this form, it poses no health risk. The aluminum in clay is never in an isolated form, and is not absorbed into the body. Processed aluminums or free aluminum are positively charged toxins and are the ones absorbed into the body that cause harm.

Is it safe during pregnancy

Yes, the toothpowder is safe during pregnancy.  We recommend avoiding anise only because it could cause uterine contractions.

Is it safe during breast feeding

Yes, it is safe during breast feeding

Is it safe to swallow

Yes, while we recommend spitting (because the clay can pull toxins from your gum tissue and teeth) the ingredients are safe to swallow. Clay is used by many when doing an internal cleanse.

Is it safe for kids

Yes, it is safe for kids. It was created for a 2 year old 

I hear you should not detox during pregnancy

That is true, and while clay can detox the body of toxins, the toothpowder will be used in the mouth and only pull toxins from the mouth. The amount used will not be enough to cause any problems, of course we recommend spitting and not swallowing the toothpowder.

How do you use it?

The toothpowder is 100% concentrated and only a small amount is needed. Just wet your brush, dip the tip (1/2-2/3) of the brush in the powder and brush as usual. Spit and rinse. 

How long does it last?

The MINI (0.25 oz.) will last one month used twice a day by one person.  The 1 oz. size (28 g) will last 3-4 months used twice a day by one person.

Can I still oil pull?

Yes, feel free to oil pull, but please understand the point of oil pulling is to remove toxins. Oil pulling takes 20 minutes of swishing oil inside your mouth. The Dirty Mouth Toothpowder also pulls toxins from your mouth- so this can replace oil pulling. Better yet, you brush your teeth for 2 minutes (not 20 for oil pulling!) You are very welcome!

Does this replace my toothpaste?

YES!! Brush with this instead of your toothpaste!! 

How does this work? How does this replace minerals?

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder contains the exact minerals your teeth need to stay strong. Your teeth lose minerals every day. Regular toothpaste does not contain any minerals- while it may clean your teeth (with toxic ingredients)- it will never strengthen them. In fact, most contain glycerin which is believed to leave a coating on your teeth and this will prevent any minerals you obtain from your diet, from entering your teeth. With Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, you are brushing those minerals back into your teeth!

Can you show me the research/scientific evidence behind using clay?

Weston Price has a ton of research on this topic. Many cultures use clay for its detox and healing properties. There is also a great book titled Cure Decay Naturally by Ramiro Nagel that has great information about natural solutions- and clay is one of them!

Will dipping the brush in the toothpowder contaminate the powder?

No, it should not. When you dip the brush, the powder attaches to the wet bristles. The remaining powder is left dry. If this unsettles you, you may also scoop a small amount into your palm and dip your brush into the powder on your palm. Also, there are great ultraviolet light toothbrush sanitizers available that will also keep your toothbrush clean. We recommend replacing your toothbrush every month for maximum effectiveness of the bristles and cleanliness.

Will it help sensitive teeth?

Yes, but it can take a few weeks. You may notice an increase in sensitivity for the first week or two. This happens because commercial toothpaste contains glycerin- which will put a coating over the teeth to reduce sensitivity. This coat however, prevents minerals from going back into the teeth. Dirty Mouth Toothpowder will remove the glycerin coating, but your sensitive could get slightly worse before better until the minerals in the toothpowder can replace those lost. Once this happens- the sensitivity should go away and your teeth will become stronger.

Is it abrasive? Will it damage my enamel?

The powder is ultra-fine and non-abrasive- and when it blends with the water on your damp brush, it becomes a paste. It will not damage your enamel, in fact, because of the minerals, it will strengthen your enamel.

Safe for braces/dental work?


Will this help with cavities?

Yes, this can help but it depends on severity.

Don't our teeth need fluoride?

No, fluoride can be toxic. The clays in the toothpowder contain the minerals the teeth need to stay strong and healthy.

Is the tooth powder gluten free?

Yes it is gluten free

How long will it take to see a difference in whiteness?

That depends on the condition of the teeth, diet and general health. Many notice a difference right away. 

Does it work with receding gum line and exposed root?

Since the toothpowder does not contain harsh chemicals and leaves your natural and protective bacteria in place, yes it can help strengthen gum tissue. In fact, many testimonials mention how it improved their gum tissue.

Is this SLS free? (sodium lauryl sulfate)

Yes, this is free from all toxins and chemicals. SLS is not used in any of our products.


According to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases produce oral signs and symptoms. This guide created by Grove Dental Associates addresses the most common connections between oral hygiene and overall health: 

The Health Connection Between Your Mouth & Body was created by Grove Dental Downers Grove
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Rated 4 out of 5
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My Teeth Dig It

I got the sample a few months ago and loved the way my teeth felt...ordered the 1 oz size speramint(sp) not my favorite flavor but works great...had to get a peppermint longer have tooth sensitivity

Rated 5 out of 5
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Rated 5 out of 5
Rated 5 out of 5
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Review posted
Rated 5 out of 5

Squeaky Clean Teeth & Fresh Breath

I love this product and have been using it for just over a year now! I am not quite finished with my first container, but ordered another tub so I wouldn't run out. I now use it with the toothbrush with activated charcoal bristles, and I love this product too. The powder whitens my teeth subtly with every use, and then I follow up with tongue-scraping for the ultimate clean mouth feel. I highly recommend!

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Review posted
Rated 5 out of 5

Kids Favorite

So happy my kids love brushing with tooth powder.

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Review posted
Rated 5 out of 5

Love it!!

I got this for my son and I to try and we both love how well it cleans our teeth.

Rated 5 out of 5
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Rated 5 out of 5
Rated 5 out of 5
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Review posted
Rated 5 out of 5

Love the tooth powder.

My family and I (including a 4 year old) love the tooth powder.

Rated 5 out of 5
Speed of Results
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Rated 5 out of 5
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