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You’re headed to the beach, and you’ve prepared accordingly. Towels…check. Sunglasses…check. Flip flops…check. Trashy romance novel…check. But did you prepare your SKIN for the upcoming bombardment of UV rays? I’m not talking about sunscreen—I’m talking about something you MUST do before you even step out the door…

Sure, most people spray on some generic sunscreen before their summer festivities. But here’s the thing, sunscreen only scratches the surface in protecting from those harmful rays.

The truth is, both chemical-laden sunscreens and physical sunblocks, like titanium dioxide, create free radicals when exposed to sunlight. Free radicals are formed naturally in the body and play an essential role in many normal cellular processes.

However, at high concentrations, free radicals can be hazardous to the body and damage all major components of cells, including DNA, proteins, and cell membranes. The damage to cells caused by free radicals may play a role in the development of cancer by mutating cells to become cancerous, as well as other health conditions.

Which means sunscreens give us a false sense of security. They may prevent sunburns, but they do little or nothing to prevent skin cancer or aging of the skin caused by sunlight. Researchers at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston cite: "There is no substantial evidence that sunscreen protects against any of the three forms of skin cancer."

That’s why, instead of relying on sunscreen, you need our Sun-Up Before Sun Protector.

Sun-Up adds natural oils to your skin to help protect against sunburn and cancer. Unlike sunscreen, these oils--including, red raspberry seed oil, unprocessed coconut oil, and avocado oil--don’t completely block the UVB rays. They let the “good rays” in, the ones that are essential to our overall good health and are necessary for vitamin D synthesis while also protecting the skin and underlying tissues from damage caused by excessive exposure.


***Now available in a Lip Protector that can be used under your eyes/high cheekbone/face area. Pocket-sized, portable, and convenient protection on-the-go!

We invite you to use this product alone, or in conjunction with a sunscreen you trust- just be informed and make your decision based on the facts. Primal Life Organics cannot, and does not make claims that this is a sunscreen. See the disclaimers below.

For more information about Sun-Up™, please what this informational video.  We discuss the cost, ingredients, comparison to commercial sunscreen, and benefits of Sun-Up™ Before Sun Protector.


“ZERO Sunburn, Not Even a Little Pink…”

“I took my 10-month old outside in 80 degrees and sun today for about two hours. This is really the first sun exposure he has had, and we all know babies have extra sensitive skin. I applied Sun-Up (not even the Ultra) once all over his body before we went out, and then once all over his body about halfway through our time outside. I put some on his cheeks and nose a third time in between these two applications because his cheeks were looking red, but turns out he was just warm because he had ZERO sun burn - not even a little pink! So happy with this safe sunscreen!” - Kennedy


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Sun-Up Stick: Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Pure Filtered Beeswax*, Avocado Oil*, Non-nano Zinc Oxide, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Vitamin E Oil*, Carrot Seed*, Lavender*, Myrrh*, Sandalwood*

Sun-Up Lip Protector: Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Pure Filtered Beeswax*, Avocado Oil*, Non-nano Zinc Oxide, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Vitamin E Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil*, Lime Oil*, Sweet Orange Oil*

*Certified Organic

Red Raspberry Seed Oil has a natural SPF of 28-50 and is one of the only natural oils that protect against both UVA and UVB rays. The SPF of Red Raspberry Seed Oil is equal to that of titanium dioxide, an ingredient commonly used in commercial sunscreens. It is high in antioxidants and has an anti-inflammatory effect; it can reduce the pain and inflammation associated with sunburn. It has been found to make abnormal skin cells self-terminate – permanently stopping potential tumors and cancers from getting established.

Pure Filtered Beeswax provides excellent, breathable protection against the natural elements.

Avocado Oil has a natural SPF of 4-15. Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, fatty acids, and lecithin. It has a quick-acting capacity to be absorbed by the skin tissue and provides the skin with emollients that can hydrate, nourish, and regenerate the epidermis or the outer skin layer.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a natural SPF of 2-8. Olive oil works to repair damaged skin and protect against skin cancer.

Virgin Coconut Oil is excellent for general moisturizing and serves as a protective layer to help retain moisture in the skin. It contains Vitamin E, which is very protective. It helps with inflammation, irritation, and sensitivities. It also has a natural SPF of 4-10.

Vitamin E Oil is easily absorbed by the epidermis layer of the skin, and can heal damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Carrot Seed has a natural SPF of 38-40. It has antiseptic properties which help prevent and heal the infection. Carrot Seed EO also helps with skin irritation and helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Lavender soothes pain, prevents bacterial infection, aids in scar-free healing, and has soothing, calming, and therapeutic properties. It is commonly used to speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns, and sunburns because it improves the formation of scar tissues. It also has a natural SPF of 6.

Myrrh is a powerful antioxidant, and ancient Egyptians mixed Myrrh with animal fat to prevent Sunburn.

Sandalwood has a natural SPF of 30. It also has terrific regenerative properties for repairing skin after sun exposure.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide is a non-toxic, and typically non-irritating, effective broad-spectrum sunblock. The particles sit on the outermost layer of your skin, scattering and absorbing UVA and UVB rays, protecting the surface below.


Tips for use

Primal Life Organics recommends using the Sun Up ULTRA formula with non-nana zinc oxide for an extended time in the sun (beach/pool day, tennis, golf, fishing) or during first exposures to the sun. When going on a winter sun vacation, Primal Life Organics also recommends the use of the ULTRA formula. Please reapply every 1-2 hours, when your skin starts to get pink and seek shade often.

Please remember to be "sun-smart" and seek shade, wear hats and sun shirts during prolonged exposure to the hot sun!


Directions: Massage into skin to help protect from UV rays. Reapply every 90 minutes, or as needed, for best results. SMILE.


Please understand, the information we provide you about each ingredient is documented from legitimate Internet sources. Please be responsible and know that you can verify all this information by performing a Google search for each ingredient and then make your own educated decision if this product is right for you.

The more you educate yourself about natural alternatives to commercial products and the more you experiment with plant based products, the more you trust what nature has to give you. Un-tampered nature. Pure quality. Only nature-based.

*Ultra formula contains Non-nano Zinc Oxide ("non-nano" means that the particles are too large to be absorbed through the skin; therefore, it will not enter the body).



Primal Life Organics cannot make claims about SPF for this product, as it has not been tested. We do not call this sunscreen and do not claim it to be sunscreen. We can, however, provide you with the information about each ingredient (from legitimate sources that have tested these ingredients) and allow you to make an informed decision as to whether this product is right for you. If we provide the education, you take control of your destiny- instead of relying on Big Cosmo to make these decisions for you. (See disclaimers below)

For more information about: the harmful effects commercial skincare can have on your cells, tissues, and organs; the cost of Sun-Up™; Trina's Take on Zinc Oxide and more, please read: Natural Protection With A Paleo Twist: Sun-Up Before Sun Protector

Disclaimer: Primal Life Organics cannot, and does not make claims that this is a sunscreen. We compile the ingredient information in one place and ask you to form your own, informed decision of whether this is the correct product for you. To make claims of this product being a sunscreen with a specific SPF, we would need to have this product tested, which would be very costly and drive the price up. Also, it would provide little additional information that you can already conclude given the facts I provide for you. Remember, an SPF ABOVE 25 is not needed- as most need to be reapplied frequently to remain active. Buying a high SPF product because the number is appealing to your sense of "more is better" and provides you with a false sense of security- not sun protection. 

We invite you to use this product alone, or in conjunction with a sunscreen you trust- just be informed and make your decision based on the facts.

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53 Reviews
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Happy with first try.

First Application

It stayed PUT! Didnt get in my eyes.

Has a light waxy, and essential oils aroma.

Waxy feel, didn't migrate to clothes etc. My skin was a little lighter after application, which was a helpfull visual for great coverage.

I haven't water tested it yet

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Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted


This stuff is amazing. I love being outside and in the sun, but I can't chance sun damage and skin cancer that majorly runs in my family. I don't always want to be in a long sleeve rashguard and giant hat, so I use this. Because I avoid the sun like the plague, I am very very pale with very sensitive skin that pinks within an hour of direct sun. I can spend 4 hours at the beach with this, and I come away with a light tan. I'm not pink at all, and I feel like the amount of sun I get is healthy. Now, I will say, I'm extremely conscious of reapplication, I think that's the key. But I basically put this on just the high points (nose, forehead, shoulders, etc) and reapply frequently. Love it, will never be without it.

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Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Works well

I burn pretty easily and I did not burn with this.

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Rated 4 out of 5
Review posted

I wish it had less wax

It definitely works! Definitely reapply after water. The only thing that I don’t like about it is how much beeswax is used. It’ makes it hard to apply-feels sticky when appplying. I wish it was more like a cream rather than a stick. I would still recommend it but will switch to more creamy version if I find one.

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Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Love it !

I wear no make up and use this everyday on my face and neck . Thanks great stuff.

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