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New York City is one of the busiest, most exciting, and most well-known cities in the world. But, with little green space, this city does not really scream "natural". Let's face it, natural and organic come from dirt, and while somewhere, beneath the streets of New York City there is a dirt foundation.  But the city itself is built on technology and speed while anything natural is built on dirt and time. I was standing in the middle of exciting, busy, man-made New York City, when I had a revelation about skincare and what it truly means to get results...

"Trina, I have spent hundreds, tried every "well known" skincare available...and NEVER have I seen results like I have with Primal Life Organics..."

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Smile, smile bigger, chuckle, laugh...and then wonder why??

Recently, I attended the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference in sunny Pasadena, CA. I have to say, it's been over eight years since I've used any skincare other than my own creations. Interestingly, while attending the Bulletproof Conference, I realized that I am  very far removed from what Big Cosmo feels like on my skin. So much so, that getting great results is a given for me. It's not something I am hoping for or something that surprises me when it occurs, because at this point, great results are the norm for me and my skin.   During the Bulletproof Conference, I bumped shoulders with hundreds of Primal Life Organics customers- many found me from Dave's Bulletproof Radio Episode #295 Trina Felber: Feed Your Skin.  I wasn't advertising PLO and even wore regular clothes; nothing on me screamed Primal Life Organics. Yet, I was recognized by hundreds of clients who stopped to talk with me! I love talking with clients, they offer great insight, and I just love to know what they WANT, what they want changed, and what their stories are.   One statement that seemed to be a recurring theme in my customer's stories was something that stuck with much so that it sort of "haunted" my brain and took me to the extreme two weeks later. Hearing that my skincare has created results (less acne, less wrinkles, diminished scars, no odor, whiter teeth, stronger teeth, better hair, toned skin, moisturized skin) got me asking the question: what exactly does "regular skincare" feel like?? Because, the truth is, my skin and I have almost forgotten.   Now obviously, I didn't rush out to the nasty beauty counter and purchase products with hidden or harmful ingredients. In fact, I didn't get the idea to actually try something other than PLO until 10pm Friday night, two weeks later while visiting bustling New York City.   So, there I was, in the City of Love, Life, and Lies when I realized that I had been given an entire bag full of "natural" skincare products from a plethora of different companies and manufacturers, which was now sitting on the floor between my feet just waiting for my stamp of...hmmm...approval??   That day, in beautiful New York City, I attended a beauty conference.  I chose the VIP ticket thinking I would get the chance to dine with some Beauty Experts (like Hayley Barna founder of BirchBox). Unfortunately, I didn't realize that "VIP" only actually meant that I would receive a bag full of goodies from natural skincare vendors from the event. beaty

What do I need all of this for?  I only use Primal Life Organics....

Then it struck me: now is my chance to see what the other side feels like! Let me say that this event was coined as an event for "natural skincare" and vendors of natural products, but unfortunately, as I visited the booths of the vendors and examined their ingredient lists, I found inconsistencies with "natural" that absolutely don't meet my standards. Lab-made is NOT natural. Real cells need real nourishment. Lab-made ingredients are too often like chemotherapy, they can tear your body down, they can kill, and they generally don't create life.   So, at 10:00 pm in my hotel room at The Roxy Hotel (great place to stay in the SoHo area) I decided to see what it was like to use something other than Primal Life Organics. After all, I was in the city that never sleeps...   First, I picked out a face wash deemed natural and nourishing; two things I believe are absolutely essential to skincare. I washed my face and the only thing I could comprehend was the overwhelming scent of fragrance (After having sworn of any type of fragrance years ago, the scent actually made me gag. But, for the sake of beauty, I continued.)  I noticed a rich lather, but after I rinsed, I had this horrible sense of unnaturally tight skin. I recognized this feeling immediately.  I knew this, it was the tell-tale sign that all of my natural, protective oils have been stripped from my face (Aggghhhhhh!! NO!!!) and I am left naked, exposed, and dry. So, what's the next logical step? I figured moisturizing was my best bet.   So, I grabbed the really expensive looking bottle that touted "ground breaking" technology to reverse aging. Awesome! This should help the overwhelming dry sensation I have going on right now...right?   This particular moisturizer was thick and gel-like, with a consistency that was more akin to hair gel than it was to any real moisturizing skincare product. As soon as I applied it I immediately felt like a prune. It dried so tightly that I found myself wondering how this could even be called a moisturizer. One glance at the ingredients and my worst fair was a reality, staring me in the face, right there on the packaging: WATER! Yes, The first ingredient listed on this "ground breaking" moisturizer is water. Water does not moisturize the skin, it dehydrates it. (Just because water is, by definition, "moist" that doesn't mean it will moisturize your skin!) That totally explains the tight, dry skin that I felt. This is the total opposite of anti-aging, by the way! Tight, dry, dehydrated skin LOOKS older and actually accentuates your wrinkles. Why Big Cosmo can't understand this, I will never know! The fastest way to look younger is to nourish your cells with oils. Plump, hydrated and happy cells equals less wrinkles (no wonder my skincare gets results with this kind of thing floating around as the alternative!)   I was still hanging in there because I really wanted to see if I noticed any difference in the morning. So, I sat down with my laptop to get some work done. My face smelled like fragrance (which was really nauseating me), was itchy, tight, and dry....and even in the name of beauty, I could only take this for 5 minutes. I promptly ran to the bathroom and washed my face (almost scrubbed it) with my Earth Face Wash and applied my C-ex Vitamin C Face Serum.....ahhhh! My skin drank that in with a huge Thank You!! And, that was when I finally realized: THIS is what everyone means when they say, "I have never used anything that gives me results like your skincare!"   There it was, the truth. Once you know the feel of good, real, honest, plant and food based skincare, you can never go back to the artificial. No matter how "natural" they deem it, something that is truly natural does not grow in a lab. Done. Reality check complete!   So here it is. My check list for what I create:
  • Natural, plant and earth based ingredients- ✅
  • Made by a nurse- ✅
  • Made fresh when you order- ✅
  • Full of real, natural micronutrients- ✅
  • No lab-made ingredients- ✅
  • Moisturizer than actually moisturizes the skin and is not full of water- ✅
  • Created to heal and nourish the cells of the skin and body- ✅
Feeling the difference after all this time made me realize that I have a real gift. A gift for knowing how to formulate skincare products that help you look great, feel amazing, get results, live longer, and be the real you! Results matter and that is what I learned from all of you at Bulletproof and in New York. Thank you for giving my talent a try, and never give up, because beauty is worth it. When you get real, consistent results you see the truth! Sending Love in a bottle, Trina Find me at Primal Life Organics.... where Beauty Deserves Natural Plant Based Skincare!

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