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Taking care of your body is one of the best investments you can ever carry out. This consists of detoxing your body regularly, eating healthy meals, and using safe oral and skin products.

Fluoride is a flooding mineral found in our meals, water, and other products. If you make use of commercial toothpaste or drink tap water, there’s a high possibility that you’re exposing your body to fluoride. 

Fluoride has been hailed for its cavity-fighting powers by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the America Dental Association. However, according to a growing body of medical research, too much fluoride in your system poses many risks. Furthermore, fluoride doesn’t actually fight off cavities. Instead, it puts an outer coating on your teeth without fixing the core issue – a lack of mineralization. 

Studies show that fluoride’s negative effects include cognitive impairment, thyroid dysfunction, and many others we’ll explore in this article. So, yes, you need a fluoride detox. It doesn’t require any painful process or exhausting exercises. 

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Benefits of Bentonite Clay

A smile is the best outfit you can ever put on. However, wearing a bold smile might seem like a problem when your dental health is threatened. Of course, it is recommended to keep your teeth sparkling clean with a toothbrush and choice of toothpaste but finding the right dental products that you fully trust can be quite challenging. 

Surprising as it sounds, typical toothpastes are loaded with chemicals and harmful ingredients to your dental health.

Taking good care of our teeth is essential. After all, it’s our first line of defense for anything that gets into our bodies. And when it comes to natural remedies for effective oral health, nothing comes close to the goodness of Bentonite clay in toothpowder.

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Light therapy is nothing new in the beauty and wellness world. You probably know it best for its aesthetic treatment benefits. Red light has long been used to treat aging skin, while blue light is best known for its skin-clearing benefits. Advancements in light therapies, including the introduction of at-home options, make this an ever-growing trend that allows us to experience the non-invasive benefits of light therapy in the comfort of our own homes. But did you know that the benefits of light therapy extend well beyond the skin? In fact, some of the newest technologies allow us to maintain optimal oral health between dental visits. Here’s your guide to light therapy for oral health.

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How to Heal Cavities Naturally

The moment you’ve dreaded has arrived, and it’s time for your semi-annual dental checkup. Regardless of the brushing and flossing you’ve attempted to mandate in your home, you’re anxious that it just wasn’t enough to avoid those dreaded words, “Ah, I found something....” 

For decades, hearing that you have a cavity engaged an unstoppable chain reaction of Novocain and tooth fillers provided by your well-meaning but uninformed dentist. Here at Primal Life, I decided I had to stop this cycle and teach you not just how to heal your cavities, but how to prevent them from ever forming again with several natural and non-invasive solutions.  

Our mainstream healthcare system has a major problem. 

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How to Avoid Cavities During Pregnancy With a Remineralizing Oral Health Routine

It’s no secret, being pregnant comes with a lot of baggage. There’s frequent morning sickness, fever, and a constant need to visit your gynecologist. Beyond that, are you aware that pregnancy also places you at oral health risk?

Most women do not realize that their dental health is at risk when experiencing typical pregnancy symptoms. In fact, these two go hand in hand. But if you are not aware, it will look and feel strange to you.

This article will discuss the complexity of pregnancy and your dental health. More so, we will dive into the best practice to keep your unborn baby safe, all while maintaining that great smile on your face.

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