How To Choose Your Foundation Color

Purchasing make up online can feel a little… color confusing!  Right?

That was one of my concerns when I decided to develop my make up line Primal colors.  Would women be able to pick the right colors??  The answer is yes- most women intuitively know what shades they are looking for.  I developed Primal Colors because I felt “heavy” with my make up on.  I knew the brand I was using contained harmful ingredients (for more information about toxic makeup click here), so my mission was to create only products that will nourish and feed my skin all day long- because let’s face it- we wear our make up from dawn till dusk… and sometimes we pull an all-nighter!  So, safe make up was a must!

Primal Colors is made from only clays, foods , flowers and herbs.  The colors are expressed from the mix of these ingredients and provides a natural and fresh face all day long.  Clay is very detoxifying… and absorbent.  If you suffer with a shiny forehead by noon… you should try Primal color Foundation.  I have yet to see a shiny forehead since I developed it six years ago.  The best part is the skin is nourished with vitamins all day long… and you have a healthy, radiant glow about you!

ASK TRINA ANYTHING: I want to address a few questions surrounding Primal Colors Foundation in the video below.

Question: I would love to try Primal Colors Foundation, but I have never purchased make up online and I am not sure what color to purchase. Help!! I really want to try the foundation because the one I am using is full of toxins that are aggravating my acne and making my skin look horrible!!

During this video, Trina answers this question, and gives tips on how to use Primal Colors Foundation. Check out Primal Colors Make Up: Foundation, Concealers, Cheek Stains and Lid Stains!

Not Sure is your skin undertone is warm or cool? Take this quick quiz to find out!


Primal Colors is available in:

Mineral MakeUp:  Trust or Trash??


Mineral Make Up: Trust Or Trash?