Aloe Vera: Digestion Smoothie

The stress that comes with the belly pain, bloating, leaky gut and discomfort of digestive issues can literally send a person right into a “meh” existence. I AM VERY familiar with all of this, as I have struggled with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).

A few years ago, I was placed on antibiotics for 9 months that destroyed my gut ecosystem and left me with a digestive mess.  As I am on the journey to improve my health and my digestive brain, I am sharing a smoothie with a secret ingredient that will heal and soothe your gut with each slurp: Aloe Vera.

While the many skin and hair benefits of aloe vera are no secret, its digestive benefits aren’t as obvious. But by simply adding this wonder plant to your daily routine can help supercharge your gut and ensure your body is operating at peak efficiency…and with just one sip of this tasty Aloe Vera Digestion Smoothie, we’re sure that you’ll be a fan!

We combined aloe vera with power-packing ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, keifer, and pineapple that not only support your digestion but your overall wellness. So, get ready to be blown away by this Aloe Vera Digestion Smoothie. It will help keep your gut strong and healthy, and as an added bonus it’s delicious too!

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