Monk Fruit: Let the snacking begin!

School is OUT and snacking is IN…and at times, it feels like it’s constantly! Snacking isn’t terrible – It’s actually good!

Your kids are running, jumping, playing, and burning more in the summer, more than any other time of year and if they’re anything like my kids, they’re literally growing right before your eyes!

They need more to fuel them during this time, so snacking is actually good…the issue, if any, is WHAT they are snacking on.

Sweet tastes better…THERE, I said what everyone was thinking!

Look, let yourself off the hook…you’re human! Don’t punish yourself or your kids with bland, boring snacks. Take advantage of fresh, yummy, organic, fruits and vegetables.

Slicing up and storing melons, tomatoes, sweet peppers, pineapple, and berries gives your family endless accessibility to sweet and tasty snacking. But with MONK FRUIT the snacking delight doesn’t have to end there!!!

Many of your healthy cookie, brownie, and cake recipes can be modified and made with this natural sweetness. So, throw on your apron and get to mixing up those tasty, sweet, and healthy treats your family will love.

If you’re pressed on time or can’t find the right recipe, I’ve got you covered. I buy Empact Bars for myself and my family because they are


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