If you’re scanning the toothbrush aisle and see something you’ve never come across before, don’t be alarmed. You’re just looking at the future of dental hygiene. You’re looking at a toothbrush made with charcoal-infused bristles. 

Manual toothbrushes have been overshadowed by battery-powered and professional-grade toothbrushes for a while. However, an activated charcoal toothbrush is the latest trend in at-home dental care. And I think this trend is here to stay. 

Here’s what you should know for the next time you come across this all-natural product. 

How is this toothbrush different? 

When you think of charcoal, do you jump to a summer barbeque? If that’s the case, don’t assume that you’ll be brushing with briquettes. Activated charcoal is created through a different process than lighting up a grill. However, the carbon source is the same.

Activated charcoal can be made from wood, coconut husks and other natural carbon sources. It is considered “activated” since the resulting black powder has thousands of tiny pores. They’re created by using hot gases or adding an acid or salt to the carbon when heated. 

How does activated charcoal help?

The amazing thing about the pores in activated charcoal is that they can easily attract and trap toxins. It might seem odd to clean your teeth with a darkly colored product. But you’ll be surprised at what the black charcoal can do. 

Activated charcoal is full of negative ions. These attract bacteria, plaque and other nasty things that collect on your enamel and hide between your teeth. It absorbs toxins and harmful substances, so when you brush and rinse your mouth, the bad stuff goes down the drain. 

A regular toothbrush can scrape at plaque and move things around, but the gunk won’t adhere to it. But a charcoal-infused brush can remove more problem-causing bacteria. 

A cleaner mouth will give you more than a shining smile. You’ll lower your risk of getting common dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease. And bad breath will be a thing of the past. 

Do you struggle with stains on your teeth from coffee, tea, wine or other dark beverages? Don’t use whitening strips or other methods that will cause irritation. Avoid the discomfort with activated charcoal.

You now know that activated charcoal can remove plaque and bacteria. But it can also bind to tannins -- the dark pigment in beverages -- and remove them. This will help you get a whiter smile. 

Brushing with an activated charcoal toothbrush can gently remove plaque and stains and put an end to bad breath. It helps in such a simple, natural way. Activated charcoal is a perfect ingredient to improve your dental health. 

What about tooth powder with activated charcoal? 

Activated charcoal isn’t new to the beauty and personal care industry. You can find it in tooth powder, which is also great for brushing. Tooth powder and toothbrushes made with activated charcoal can do wonders for your smile. But there’s one major reason you should pick the brush over the powder… it’s cleaner to use. 

When using charcoal tooth powder, you’ll quickly find that it can get all over the sink, bathroom mirror and your clothes while brushing. It won’t stain if quickly wiped off. However, it can be a pain to remove after drying on bathroom surfaces. 

Brushing with a charcoal toothbrush doesn’t create that same mess. The charcoal is infused in the bristles, so it can’t go anywhere. The bristles can fall out over time, similar to normal toothbrushes, yet this won’t impact its ability to clean your teeth. 

If you travel a lot, you might want to chose the charcoal toothbrush over tooth powder as well. If the tooth powder spills in your suitcase while traveling, think of the powdery mess you’ll have. Yikes! A charcoal toothbrush won’t leave any residue, and it can fit nearly anywhere. You can easily keep up with your brushing routine while you’re on the go. 


If you really want to improve your smile, you want to get your hands on a charcoal-infused toothbrush. Adding activated charcoal to your brushing routine will help improve your dental health. 

And between you and me… you can never go wrong with using a charcoal toothbrush with tooth powder. You can get both from Primal Life Organics.

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