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How to Avoid Cavities During Pregnancy With a Remineralizing Oral Health Routine

It’s no secret, being pregnant comes with a lot of baggage. There’s frequent morning sickness, fever, and a constant need to visit your gynecologist. Beyond that, are you aware that pregnancy also places you at oral health risk?

Most women do not realize that their dental health is at risk when experiencing typical pregnancy symptoms. In fact, these two go hand in hand. But if you are not aware, it will look and feel strange to you.

This article will discuss the complexity of pregnancy and your dental health. More so, we will dive into the best practice to keep your unborn baby safe, all while maintaining that great smile on your face.

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How To: Dirty Mouth Gum Serum

Hey you! It's me, Trina, DROPPING in to share a video on how to use my Dirty Mouth Gum Serum.

Say bye-bye to mouthwash, and hello to 11 soothing and safe essential oils!

Using this product is a simple 1, 2, 3 process. In the video below, I'll show you how to use it, and how much to use. Why gum serum over mouthwash? Mouthwash contains tons of chemicals and toxins that your mouth, body, and brain do NOT need. To learn what those nasty ingredients are, click HERE.

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Your Oral Wellness Protocol

As your oral health nurse, your mouth is MY mission. I did all of the research on how to keep your mouth and oral microbiome in tip top shape so you do not have to. I based all of my research on Dr. Weston A. Price - he is confident in what a healthy diet and earthly ingredients can do for mouth, and so am I. I created an oral wellness protocol for you to follow with my Dirty Mouth Dental Products and I am very excited to share it with you in the video below! 

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Trust The Power Of Essential Oils

As a nurse who sees all of the medicines and other alternatives the world has to offer, I have had plenty of opportunities to acknowledge, study, and utilize the power of essential oils (along with other non-medicine remedies to things).

I have personally used, and put full trust in the products my friends have made at Vibrant Blue Oils. Here is what they have to say about essential oils.

Essential oils are the natural, highly concentrated essences extracted from specific herbs in their living state for their healing capabilities. Essential oils can be derived from plants, shrubs, flowers, grasses, fruits, bushes, seeds, roots, bark and trees.

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Let's Talk About Parasite Detoxing

Have you ever done a parasite detox? 

I talk a lot about toxins in our environment that you need to detox, but parasites are another thing you have to manage.

Just look at this list of symptoms parasites cause:

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