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Mango & Spicy Smoothie

I have to admit that prior to me finding this recipe, I would have NEVER thought to sprinkle cayenne pepper into my fruit smoothie… but I am so happy that I did!

This smoothie is naturally vegan, gluten-free and EASY!!! It only takes a few minutes to make. Cayenne, and its many health benefits, is the secret ingredient that instantly livens up this green smoothie.

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How to Boost Your Natural Immune System And Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

We live in a scary time. Fear of not knowing what is happening now and in the future is real.  Accept that.  That is the first step. 

Acknowledging fear will help you move past it and get to the solutions that will keep you thriving and succeeding every single day.

If you do not acknowledge your feelings, fear leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to increased cortisol.  Cortisol is your stress hormone that turns on inflammation in your body which leads to a weakened immune system.

I can’t remove the fear or unknown. But I can set you up for the best defense against disease, illness, and stress.

I’m a mom, and just like you, my first concern is my family. More specifically, my kids. I don’t want my kids to become sick with the cold, flu, or any virus! 

Cold and flu season is always is a real concern but with some planning, you can reduce the chances of yourself, or your family, becoming sick if you are exposed.

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7 Spearmint Essential Oil Uses to Help Your Skin, Mood, and More

From its minty-sweet flavor and fragrance to its numerous health benefits, it's easy to see why spearmint oil has been a go-to ingredient for so long. From your oral hygiene and digestion to your mood, skin, and memory, spearmint essential oil can give your self-care routine a serious upgrade.

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A-Team Waitlist

Primal Life Organics is committed to providing 100% natural, organic essential personal care products safe for the entire family. 

We are proud of growing a community of people who value health, family, and helping others.  As a company that values your feedback, I have developed the Primal Life Organics A-Team.  As we grow this elite group, I invite you to join our waitlist.  We will be adding members quarterly.  You will get to interact directly with me and will get lots of fun gifts.  I look forward to growing our relationship towards better health.  ❤️ Trina

If you are interested in joining our elite team of Natural Beauty Lovers, apply to get on our waitlist. 

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Citrus Sensation: 6 Powerful Lemon Oil Benefits

Aside from being a kitchen and household staple, there are a lot of lemon oil benefits. It can improve and maintain your oral health, fight acne breakouts, heal skin, improve anti-aging effects, and boost your mood.

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