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60-Day Oral Wellness Kit


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Paying close attention to our “Health and wellness” has been drilled into our heads since grade school. But something that often gets left out is Oral Wellness. Sure, you brush. And occasionally (or rarely) floss. But are REALLY doing enough to take proper care of your teeth, gums and overall oral health? Not to worry—we’ve got you covered right here…

Good health begins in your mouth—and we’ve put together an Oral Wellness Kit to keep your mouth healthy for 60-days!  We suggest making this a subscription so you never run out and your mouth stays clean, fresh and healthy!

The Oral Wellness Kit contains:

  • One Dirty Mouth Toothpowder Peppermintor Spearmint Mini (60 brushings- morning)
  • One Dirty Mouth Toothpowder Black Peppermint or Black Spearmint Mini (60 brushings- night)
  • One Gum Serum (120+ treatments, morning, night and when needed)
  • One Activated Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush 
  • One box Dental Floss (30 picks)

Our Dirty Mouth Toothpowder fills your mouth with vital and trace minerals important to maintain dental health the natural way. This non-abrasive toothpowder gently polishes, cleanses and refreshes your teeth while also helping to re-mineralize and strengthen the teeth.
Dirty Mouth Gum Serum contains 11 essential oils specifically formulated to support all aspects of oral health including the teeth, gums and mucous membranes. 
Dental Floss-Bamboo-Charcoal:  Super-cleansing, soft, textured dental floss to refresh your smile and confidence!  Naturally deodorizes your mouth, balancing PH levels while absorbing odor.
These Nurse designed dental floss picks are made with light natural mint, activated charcoal bamboo floss and a biodegradable handle made from corn starch. 
  • Bamboo fiber with activated charcoal to cleanse and deodorize gum tissue and effectively destroy plaque
  • Extremely easy to use, comfortable and soothing to your gums
  • Light organic peppermint essential oil: √ Analgesic √ Cooling √ Anti-inflammatory √ Potent antioxidant √ Inhibits bacteria that cause tooth decay √ Helps eliminate the hazardous germs that can be found on your gums.
  • 100 % Biodegradable
Dirty Mouth Floss Picks are earth-friendly, vegan, recyclable, reusable, and made with 100% biodegradable material
Activated Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush:  Our charcoal infused toothbrush gently and naturally removes plaque and whitens your teeth! Activated charcoal binds to and removes the tannins from coffee, tea, tobacco or other color-rich products that cause discoloration of your teeth.
Charcoal is a great source of negative ions. Studies show that negative ions can help release the gunk that builds up on your teeth — including tartar!
Soft, charcoal-infused ionic bristles naturally help:
  • Remove plaque
  • Reduce stains
  • Add whitening power
  • Eliminate bad breath
  • Clean gum tissue
Clean, whiten and remove plaque 


There’s no better time to start taking better care of your oral health, beginning right now--Click the Add to Cart button!  Subscribe and SAVE today!!



Primal Life Organics does not contain any phthalates, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, sodium laurel sulfate, parabens or chemical preservatives.

All products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals and are truly 100% organic.



Directions: Can be used in three ways.

  1. Apply a small amount to a toothbrush with powder or paste.
  2. Add a small amount to tbs of water and swish or gargle.
  3. Apply a small amount on the finger and rub on dental floss.
*Brush, gargle or floss as usual.
*Be sure to store in upright position, and completely empty the dropper top of oil to store. If oil sits on the rubber top, it will start to break it down and disintegrate.



No. Myths about clay and the elements that make up a clay molecule are rampant. One deals with aluminum. Clay is a super stable compound. All of the elements that make up clay are bound together and act as a whole. Aluminum silicate is a crystal compound, and cannot be utilized by the body. Aluminum in this form is completely inert. As long as the aluminum is bound in this form, it poses no health risk. The aluminum in clay is never in an isolated form, and is not absorbed into the body. Processed aluminums or free aluminum are positively charged toxins and are the ones absorbed into the body that cause harm.



Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Baking Soda, French Green Clay, Activated Charcoal (Black formulas), Organic Peppermint or Spearmint Oil. 

Bentonite Clay is nontoxic and rich in vital minerals that are very beneficial for our teeth and gums – like calcium and potassium. It is a cleansing clay that gently scrubs and beautifully polishes the teeth. It works as an astringent by helping to remove tartar and clean the gums.

White Kaolin Clay is high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium. It helps to whiten and polish the teeth.

Baking soda (aluminum free) is alkaline with a pH of 8.1 and will neutralize the acids in the mouth and. Baking soda gently cleanses and polishes the teeth, removes odors and can help freshen the breath.

French Green Clay (also known as Illite Clay or Sea Clay) is very absorbent, and helps cleanse the tissues from things like oils, toxins and impurities found on the surface.  Mined from bedrock quarries in France, it is sun-dried, completely natural, unscented, and fragrance-free. French Green Clay is a bio-mineral and contains decomposed plant matter as well as many trace minerals, including silica, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, micro-algae, kelp, and phytonutrients.

Peppermint/Spearmint oil is for its antiseptic qualities, to freshen the mouth and make you forget that you are brushing your teeth with Primal Dirt!


Gum Serum

INGREDIENTS: helps fight bad breath, clean gum tissue and can be an effective means to ensure good oral hygiene.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Tea Tree Oil*, Peppermint Oil*, Spearmint Oil*, Lemon Oil*, Eucalyptus Oil*, Clove Bud Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Myrrh Oil*, Cinnamon Oil*, Chamomile Oil*, Cypress Oil*      *Certified Organic


Visit our FAQ page for a complete list of product questions/answers.  For toothpowder, look under DENTAL

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