Lavender Relaxation Smoothie

Is it just me or is it safe to say this has been the most stressful summer of the century? Finding “calm” now is more important than ever...but sometimes, juggling family with work can literally seem to endure the entire 24 – making it hard to squeeze in the “ME TIME” we all need to relieve and reset our mind and body of the weight that stress can bring.

Desperate Times call for Desperate, let’s get blending and let the bliss begin with this Lavender and Relaxation Smoothie!

Call it whatever you want, this smoothie is smooth and relaxing.  You can even make it an adult-evening smoothie by adding a shot of rum or vodka for the ultimate Stress-less Time!

In this smoothie, we combined lavender with tasty and wonderful ingredients like avocado and banana, known to have amazing stress-relieving qualities.

Both of these amazing fruits are high in potassium which is used to help reduce and regulate blood pressure levels within the body. What’s not to love about this smoothie?!?!

Grab your delicious, nutritious ingredients, your favorite blender, and whip up this tasty treat to calm your mind, soothe your body, and relax your soul.