Turmeric Anti-Aging Smoothie

As a working mother of three, I’ve quickly learned that smoothies are the perfect way for me (and my kids) to get a daily dose of health-benefiting, immune-boosting nutrients, all while on-the-go. They hit all my requirements: yummy, easy, quick, and healthy!

This week’s smoothie is packed with nutrient-rich and delicious ingredients like turmeric. With just one sip, you’ll quickly realize “youth” never tasted so good! “Youth”?

Yes, this smoothie is made from ingredients with “skin” sational benefits that keep your appearance looking healthy and youthful.


Combining the power of turmeric with tasty, skin-benefiting pineapple, detoxifying ginger root and fatty acid-rich coconut oil is just what the doctor ordered. These ingredients contain the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients your skin needs to fight free radicals, as well as the early signs of aging!  So, Blend and Be Beautiful!