Intro: Be your own Clean Beauty Snob!

People always ask me to evaluate the products they are using.

They know my standards for skincare are the highest in the industry and they wonder how “natural” and “organic” the products they are using are compared to the promises they are making.

Many times, I have to disappoint them with news that the products they are using contain chemicals that cause cancer, hormone disruptors, neurological toxins, immune impairing, are known allergens, and cause premature aging inside and out.

This series will teach you what to look out for, what to look for and where companies skimp on ingredients because they know you won’t be looking….

So, open your eyes… I am going to expose their hiding spots for toxins.




And to be honest, there’s nothing toxic about beauty…
Just the product you might be using. 

When it comes to your health, is SAFER really cutting it…
Or do you want 
SAFE but don’t really know the difference?


The skincare industry is disrupting your beauty, health, and mindset with marketing terms that leave you wondering… what am I really putting on my skin?

I am here to support your whole-body health and put your mind at ease. Beauty should not be stressful.  I want to restore your faith in the beauty industry but that means you need to hear the truth.

If you believe food is medicine, why not learn how to incorporate skin-food into your beauty routine.

Skin-Food is simple. It’s Safe.  It’s available…
if you know what to look for and how to find it!



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