Clean Beauty Series: Lesson #5

Hey beautiful. 

Are you feeling like a Clean Beauty Snob (CBS) yet?

Today’s lesson is going to open your eyes to what clean really means.

Natural sounds healthy right?  But when you take a closer look, does natural mean toxin-free? 

Not when you are a CBS.

Why is CLEAN important when it comes to your beauty products?

👉 It takes 26 seconds for a product you apply to go from topical into your bloodstream!! 

When you put a product on your skin, approximately 70% gets absorbed and travels throughout your body.

Chemicals and toxins are small enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier and the placenta.

Safer doesn’t sound so safe, does it?

In today’s lesson, I am talking about invisible toxins: invisible on the label!

These invisible toxins include: herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and glyphosate (RoundUp).

Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they are not inflicting damage. I will show you how to find them… because natural products can contain contaminants that are hidden in the plants they use.

⚠️ Conventionally grown ingredients are plants grown using herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer, and glyphosate. They might even be Genetically Modified (GMO) which does not need to be listed on the label. 

Genetically modified plants offer less nutritional value than non-GMO plants. I do not use any GMO plants because it does not make sense to feed your skin something less than nutrient-rich food.

These toxins are not removed from plants during processing into oils, essential oils, extracts, or dry herbs. 

⚠️ In fact, these toxins can be more concentrated in the finished product and they are small enough to pass through your skin and into your body…

Why this matters, was in Lesson #4.

Your body is not designed to protect you from toxins you absorb through your skin… what you absorb from your skincare goes directly into your bloodstream and travels throughout your body.

It goes to your 🧠 brain, ❣️heart, 😤 lungs, 🚼 placenta, and all of your 🧍🏻‍♀️organs.

Only a very small percentage will go to your liver to be converted for elimination via your urine. 

This is why my mission is CLEAN skincare: 100% clean, safe, and extremely effective Skin-Food.

My standard is exceptionally high.  All of my products contain 95-100% Certified Organic Ingredients.  If you want to see what an ingredient list should look like, read any of my labels.  My Beyond Face Serum, the “holy grail” of elixirs that goes above and beyond hydration!

Don't settle for "natural" or "safer".  Your health and beauty depend on CLEAN, GREEN, and LEGIT skincare!  I am here to support you on your journey of health and beauty.  

Primal Life Organics is Clean, Green and Legit, hand-made in the USA with love and care for your entire family.  No worries.  Just nourishment and healing!