Clean Beauty Series: Lesson #2

Water-FREE skincare is a must! It doesn’t matter if you have sensitive, dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, or all of the above skin!

Water-based skincare will not make your skin healthy, bouncy, or vibrant.  It will definitely make it appear older looking, wrinkled, thin, and even congested or frustrated.

Believe it or not, the only skin type I believe in is “healthy skin”. I believe all others (oily, dry, combination) are made up by the skincare industry because of the harsh ingredients they possess - to get us to purchase more products. (More on this later)

This requires you to READ the ingredients list on your skincare bottles.  If the first (or second) ingredient listed is water, you are using water-based skincare.  Now, notice if it says the word “purified”.

If it does not, then it is tap (crap) water which contains contaminants that sacrifice both health and beauty.  Water in skincare is unnecessary and defies beauty.

Loss of hydration is the reason we develop fine lines and wrinkles as we age, and drinking water to stay hydrated allows our bodies to maintain adequate moisture levels and buffer the pH of the all-important acid mantle of the skin (more on this soon!).

Drinking water is the easy part, hopefully. Finding healthy and clean face products without water in them is not. The problem with water in products is that it typically requires preservatives and loads of chemicals to be shelf-stable. So, any product containing water and boasting a longer shelf life, beware.

There will also be loads of harsh or damaging chemicals and emulsifiers that hinder the moisture-delivery system and prevent proper assimilation of nutrients.

Not to mention, these preservatives have been found to linger a little too long in the body for our liking (ABC News, 2016).

Skip the water and go for 100% plant-based ingredients that supply the vitamins, essential fatty acids, humectants, antioxidants, and minerals your skin requires to stay healthy, vibrant, decongested, hydrated, and nourished.

When you ditch the water-based skincare, you ditch the unnecessary ingredients that pollute your skin and body.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but water will dehydrate your skin, cause premature aging, can cause skin sensitivity and is typically tap water that contains allergens, drug waste, radioactive waste, bacteria, fluoride (yes, you thought you were not getting this toxic load), and other ingredients that can sabotage your skin and whole-body health.

WHY?  Water dehydrates your skin from the inside making wrinkles, age spots, discolorations, and lines more visible. It accelerates the aging of your skin while weakening the collagen and elastin network that supports younger-looking skin.

Instead, super-power your skin with nutrient-rich oils and waxes to keep moisture inside your skin and support your collagen and elastin network.

Look for water-free serums and moisturizers that easily penetrate through your skin barrier and ultra-hydrate your tissue without depleting the moisture. Oils are protective of your skin and will help prevent damage from pollution and sun radiation.

Our serums and moisturizers are made to reverse-age your skin all day and all night. We combine moisture, butter and carrier oils for instant nourishment that promotes hydration all day long.

Continual usage may slow natural oil production over time for balanced and healthy skin. You work hard, let your serum and moisturizers work for you, not against you!

That’s clean, green, and legit skincare!

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🌱 Sensitive skin favorite: Bare Moisturizer,
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🌱 Blu Berry Elixir: Vitamin C for Super-Berry concentrate.
Potent antioxidant serum to X-out damage from the sun,
pollution, late nights, and bad habits!

🌱 Mystic Gemstone Serum: Infused with gemstones and oils, this blend contains Bakuchiol oil, a natural plant oil that mimics the activity and benefits of retinol and Hemp oil to reduce inflammation.

🌱 Beyond Moisturizer: repair, replenish,
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🌱 Sensitive skin favorite: Bare Moisturizer
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