How to Stop Bleeding Gums with Natural Remedies

How to Stop Bleeding Gums with Natural Remedies

This article was updated on January 24, 2024

Most conversations about a healthy smile focus on the teeth. After all, they’re highly visible and essential for talking and chewing. But your teeth don’t tell the whole story. 

Just like a home must be built on a solid foundation, your teeth can’t thrive without strong, clean, vibrant gum tissue. Healthy gums foster healthy teeth, while diseased gums create diseased teeth. 

You may not even realize you’re already experiencing signs of unhealthy gums with symptoms like bleeding gums and bad breath. Learn how to stop bleeding gums and restore your oral health before it’s too late.

What Do Bleeding Gums Tell You?

Blood is never exactly a good sign. It’s an indication that your body has suffered an injury and is fighting to heal the damage. Bleeding gums send a vital message you can’t ignore: they indicate the presence of bacterial overgrowth, inflammation, and gingivitis. 

The Causes of Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums develop as a result of trauma to the tissues inside your mouth. Every time you eat or drink, the bacteria in your mouth combine with incoming sugar and acid to create plaque. When plaque sits on your teeth and gums for too long, its acidic base eats away at the healthy structure of your teeth. 

Plaque also produces toxins that irritate and inflame the gums. As bad bacteria overwhelms good bacteria, you’re left with cavities, swollen gums, and bad breath. Together, these symptoms indicate gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. 

Left untreated, gingivitis progresses into the more severe form of gum disease called periodontitis. More than 64 million American adults have periodontitis defined by complications like loose teeth, tooth loss, and jawbone degeneration. 

How to Stop Bleeding Gums at Home

Don’t interpret your bleeding gums as a prison sentence that inevitably leads to gum disease. Instead, acknowledge bleeding gums as a sign that your mouth needs more TLC. It’s surprisingly easy to take control of your oral health, kick toxic bacteria to the curb, and rejuvenate your gum tissue. 

Use Essential Oils For Gingivitis

Not sure how to stop bleeding gums? Essential oils have your back (er, mouth). When diluted in a base like olive oil or coconut oil, essential oils may be a powerful tool to clean and nourish gum tissues without damaging them. For best results, use a gum serum that combines the most powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial essential oils into one formula. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is obtained from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia plant. Thanks to its incredible antimicrobial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil offers a wide range of potential therapeutic applications

In fact, research suggests that tea tree oil may support the treatment of gum disease by reducing the amount of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. At the same time, tea tree oil soothes damaging inflammation and promotes healing of gum tissue. 

Peppermint Oil

Also known as Mentha piperita, peppermint oil inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and yeast. This essential oil may reduce the presence of oral pathogens responsible for gum disease while boosting blood flow to stimulate faster healing.

Lavender Oil

One of the most beloved essential oils, lavender is gentle, soothing, and incredibly powerful. Its antimicrobial activity has been shown to help combat harmful bacteria and fungi lingering in the mouth. The relaxing fragrance of lavender is an extra bonus!

Plaque on teeth causes gum disease

Brush With Earthen Clay

From the time we’re young, we’re told over and over again to brush with fluoride toothpaste. Why!? Standard toothpaste has few redeeming qualities to offer and usually causes more damage than it solves. If you’re serious about learning how to stop bleeding gums, you need to swap your conventional toothpaste for a natural alternative.

It may sound crazy to brush with earthen clays until you dig into the benefits that bentonite clay, French green clay, and white kaolin clay have to offer! 

Bentonite clay is a soft clay composed of aged volcanic ash. The most impressive power of bentonite clay comes from its negatively charged molecules. Those molecules attract positively charged toxins and heavy metals, latch onto dangerous toxins, and draw them out of the body. 

As a mild abrasive, bentonite clay also gently scrubs and polishes the teeth. It works like an astringent by helping to remove tartar and clean the gums. As soon as bentonite clay comes in contact with the bacteria and toxins in your mouth, it absorbs and replaces them with minerals. This process doesn’t merely eliminate the bad, but it optimizes your oral health and saves your gums from the brink of gingivitis and gum disease! 

The power of bentonite clay increases when blended with French green clay. This highly absorbent bio-mineral contains decomposed plant matter and numerous trace minerals, including:

  • Silica
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Cobalt
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorous
  • Silicon
  • Micro-algae
  • Kelp. 

French green clay molecules essentially “drink” and absorb toxins and impurities from your body while delivering essential minerals in return. This process also pulls blood toward the skin to boost circulation and help your gum tissue bask in a rejuvenating supply of fresh blood circulation. 

White kaolin supplements this impressive formula with its rich array of nutrients, including calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium. White kaolin clay also offers disinfectant properties that remove disease-causing bacteria from even the darkest nooks and crannies of the mouth.

Never Use These To Heal Your Gums

So, how do you stop bleeding gums? With essential oils for gingivitis and earthen clays, not harsh mouthwash products or hydrogen peroxide. 

Stay Away From Harsh Mouthwash

Commercial mouthwash formulas are some of the most deceiving oral care products on the shelves. They claim to protect your mouth from the threat of bacteria, but in reality, it’s the harsh mouthwash ingredients that cause the real damage! 

Most name brand mouthwashes zap the good and bad bacteria from your mouth. This means that they destroy the healthy, productive bacteria so essential to nurturing a balanced oral microbiome. Instead of wasting your money on mouthwash, try making your own natural mouthwash with essential oils.  

Blend the following ingredients to make a safe, gentle mouthwash that can nourish your gums back to good health:

  • 2 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 2 drops peppermint essential oil
  • ½ cup filtered water
  • 2 tsp baking soda

Swish and spit twice a day to stop those bleeding gums and restore lasting oral wellness. 

Steer Clear of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the most common ingredient in teeth whitening kits, but it’s bad news! You definitely don’t want to expose your mouth to hydrogen peroxide if you’re dealing with bleeding gums and other signs of gingivitis. 

Research shows that potent or ongoing hydrogen peroxide whitening treatment can cause extensive damage to the teeth, including:

  • Increased porosity of surface enamel
  • Loss of minerals from teeth, leading to rough and brittle enamel
  • Destruction of balance oral biome
  • Gum irritation

Believe it or not, it’s possible to whiten your teeth without a single drop of hydrogen peroxide. An LED teeth whitening system offers a non-toxic way to simultaneously remove stains and enhance your oral health. 

How to Heal Bleeding Gums With a Better Oral Care Routine

You can’t heal bleeding gums by halfheartedly flossing a few times a week. The best way to revitalize your gum health and stop the progression of gingivitis is to perform a 21-day oral detox. 

Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, especially when your teeth and gums remain vulnerable to toxins, bacteria, and plaque. Our Dental Detox Kit gives you the tools and products you need to rebuild your oral health and reverse the progression of gum disease:

  • Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder (Peppermint)
  • Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder (Whitening Peppermint) 
  • Gum Drops
  • Charcoal Toothbrush
  • Copper Tongue Scraper
  • Natural Dental Floss picks

Your Ultimate Mouth Detox Routine

Most detox routines are difficult and utterly unsustainable for long-term use. But this dental detox isn’t like most! Using nothing but the products provided in your Primal Life Organics detox kit, you can implement a quick and efficient morning and evening routine that delivers impressive results. It’s so simple, in fact, that you can easily continue your detox routine by making it your normal daily oral care regimen. 

If you're serious about fixing your bleeding gums, you have to stop using conventional toothpaste

Morning Routine

Begin your morning routine by scraping your copper tongue scraper two to three times, back to front, along your tongue. Rinse between each swipe to make sure you don’t accidentally contaminate with old toxins! 

This step is so important because bacteria love to accumulate on your tongue, especially when bad bacteria overpower good probiotic bacteria in the mouth. A healthy tongue looks bright pink, but a tongue that’s deep red, yellow, or white signals bacterial overgrowth. It’s the same bacteria that causes humiliating bad breath and encourages the continual formation of plaque! By starting each morning with your copper tongue scraper, you eliminate pathogens and give your mouth an easier road to recovery. 

Once your tongue is liberated from its film of bacteria, brush with your Peppermint toothpowder for two full minutes. Just wet your toothbrush, dip the tip of the brush into toothpowder, and brush with small circles up and down the surfaces of your teeth. 

No oral detox is complete without Dirty Mouth toothpowder. Unlike regular toothpaste, which acts like an exterminator to all bacteria, Dirty Mouth toothpowder only includes plant-based ingredients that nurture healthy probiotic bacteria in the mouth. Clays, essential oils, and activated charcoal work in harmony to gently scrub the teeth, draw bacteria and toxins out of the gums, and restore essential minerals into the teeth and gums. 

Next, apply two to three drops of Gum Serum on your finger and rub on your gum tissue. Those essential oils go right to work attacking pathogens, reducing inflammation, and boosting blood flow to fast-track healing. You should also apply another two to three drops of Gum Serum on your cheek and mouth tissues for full coverage and maximum impact. 

Finally, wrap up your morning routine by flossing with the activated charcoal floss picks. Forget everything you ever knew about flossing before now, because these activated charcoal floss picks create an entirely different flossing experience. 

Made from bamboo fiber, activated charcoal, and organic peppermint essential oil, these floss picks cleanse and deodorize gum tissue, destroy plaque, and reduce pain. They’re easy to maneuver in between your teeth with biodegradable handles made from cornstarch, so you’ll never have to wrap floss around your fingers again.  

Overall, your morning oral care routine won’t take more than five minutes to scrape your tongue, brush, apply gum serum, and floss. Five minutes seems like a reasonable commitment to keep your mouth healthier than ever before!

Evening Routine

Your nighttime routine is nearly identical to your morning routine. Just replace your Peppermint toothpowder with your Black Peppermint toothpowder instead. Dirty Mouth Toothpowder in black peppermint offers every benefit of the peppermint toothpowder, but it also comes with additional cleaning power in the form of activated charcoal. 

Activated charcoal is a fine, odorless, black powder made from coconut shells that becomes “activated” through heat. The negative charge of activated charcoal effortlessly binds to surrounding molecules and ions, which prevents their absorption into the human body. 

By using this Dirty Mouth Toothpowder every night, you superpower the cleaning and whitening effects of your routine. Activated charcoal has adsorptive properties that help it immediately bond to and remove the molecules responsible for creating stains, yellowing, and brown marks on your teeth. 

This is why you should always use an activated charcoal toothbrush as well! A generic toothbrush might “get the job done”, but it doesn’t do anything special. The Charcoal Ion Toothbrush, on the other hand, is made from sustainable bamboo and charcoal-infused bristles. Charcoal’s negative ions help remove tartar and plaque from your teeth, which improves the overall health of your gums. 

Remember, you brush twice daily for a good reason (or eight!):

  • Actively repairs enamel weakened by acid
  • Protects against acid erosion
  • Nurtures a healthier microbiome inside your mouth
  • Cleanses gum tissues
  • Removes surface stains
  • Stops bad breath
  • Reduces sensitivity
  • Prevents gum disease

As long as you stick to this 21-day detox protocol and stay far, far away from conventional toothpaste and mouthwash products, you’ll watch in awe as the health and vibrancy of your mouth improves more than you ever realized was possible. 

You’ll never have to wonder how to stop bleeding gums again.


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