A Comprehensive Guide: How to Heal Cavities Naturally

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Heal Cavities Naturally

This blog was updated 1/29/2024.

The moment you’ve dreaded has arrived, and it’s time for your semi-annual dental checkup. Despite your diligent brushing and flossing at home, it just wasn’t enough to avoid those dreaded words, “Ah, I found something...".

For decades, hearing that you have a cavity engaged an unstoppable chain reaction of Novocain and tooth fillers provided by your well-meaning but uninformed dentist.

Here at Primal Life, we want to stop this cycle and teach you not just how to heal your cavities naturally, but how to prevent them from ever forming again with a natural and non-invasive solution.  

The Problem With Our Mainstream Healthcare System

Most doctors and dentists are taught to examine and treat just one area of the body, hence the reason they claim specialties. Dentists pay attention to the teeth and gums, cardiologists focus on the heart, and orthopedic doctors handle the bones and joints. While we, the public and medical layman, accept these separated fields as logical, medical care.  

But now we know that this plan poses massive potential health miscommunications. 

The body isn’t just a random set of puzzle pieces that can be examined individually! The human body is a complex and deeply interconnected system - parts are constantly communicating with each other.  

Foot pain, for example, doesn’t start and end in the foot. It could be nerve damage in the legs, spinal cord misalignment, or obesity, just to name a few possibilities. When the interconnectivity of the body is overlooked and ignored, your health suffers as a result. 

This is especially key when it comes to your oral health. 

The truth is optimal health starts in your mouthConventional oral care products and modern eating habits completely undermine your mouth’s ability to support your health. The only way to stop getting cavities, heal cavities naturally, and improve your overall health is to change the environment inside your mouth. 

Believe it or not, learning how to heal cavities naturally can positively impact your entire body!  

What Is a Cavity? 

A cavity, also known as a dental cary, develops when a tooth begins to decay. The hard surface of the tooth becomes softer and softer until a tiny hole develops. If left untreated, the hole becomes deeper and more severe, eventually causing infection and tooth loss.  

It’s true that sugar, acid, and bacteria trigger tooth decay, but there’s actually another problem that you may not know is causing your cavities to occur.  

The first step to healing your cavity is to ditch mainstream dental products. 

We’ve been taught by our dentists and advertising campaigns, who are more focused on whitening your teeth rather than protecting them, that brushing with fluoride toothpaste is enough to maintain strong, healthy teeth.

That’s a boldfaced lie. In fact, 92% of adults ages 20 to 64 have had dental cavities in their permanent teeth. If fluoride toothpaste and commercial mouthwash worked as well as we’re told to believe, why are cavities still so prevalent?  

A cavity is not a sign of your poor oral upkeep but a sign of ongoing demineralization, most likely from the very products your dentist instructed you to use.

So why are minerals so essential for healthy teeth? Minerals give your teeth their hardness and strength, especially the enamel. Enamel, the outer white layer of your teeth, is the defender of each tooth that protects them from damage. Enamel consists of 96% minerals and 4% protein and water.

A perfectly healthy mouth nourishes the enamel and supports its full mineral structure - allowing it to do its job.  Unfortunately, very few people using conventional toothpaste products have a truly healthy mouth.   

Instead, your toothpaste and mouthwash consistently cause demineralization of your tooth enamel by killing all of the bad bacteria but also the healthy bacteria responsible for protecting your teeth. Without healthy bacteria, the pH in your mouth becomes too acidic. Acids love to leach minerals from your teeth, just like mosquitoes leach blood when they bite you.  

If you don’t replace the minerals your tooth enamel loses, the results are always the same: decay, cavities, sensitivity, and gum disease.  

The “Traditional” Cavity Treatment — And Why It’s Bad News 

Dentists have been treating cavities the same way for decades, but that doesn’t mean it's the best way.  

If you walked into your dentist office today with a cavity, your dentist would immediately take these steps. He would first remove the decayed material from your tooth. Then he'd cover your tooth with a hard substance called a “filling.” The filling is meant to repair the cavities hole created in your tooth.  

This might sound great at first glance, but a cavity filling is nothing more than a Band-Aid! Like many traditional health solutions, this doesn’t address the underlying cause of the cavity or improve the tooth's true health, let alone prevent it from happening again. Many patients experience pain and extreme sensitivity following a cavity filling. Some endure such intense pain that a root canal is recommended to save the tooth. Some are simply told that their teeth are predisposed to cavities, condemning them to a lifetime of these Band-Aid solutions rather than fixing the actual problem. 

Worse yet, the traditionally used amalgam dental fillings or “silver fillings” are made of 50% mercury and 50% silver, tin, and other heavy metals that are all toxic and extremely dangerous for the body. Every time a mercury filling receives pressure from chewing or talking, it releases harmful mercury vapors that immediately enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. The effects of long-term mercury exposure are well documented, ranging from neurological disorders and anxiety, to loss of coordination and… you guessed it… oral cavities! Unfortunately, even with this information, millions of these fillings are still used in dental schools and practices across the country.  

When you get a cavity, it’s not enough to receive a filling and a stern warning from your dentist to brush and floss better. Obviously, this system isn’t working. You need to overhaul your oral care routine to target the root causes of cavities altogether. 

How to Heal Cavities Naturally 

Can you really heal a cavity naturally?  I’ve been asked this question so many times, and if you’re using the right oral care products, the answer is a resounding yes!

I stumbled upon this truth myself when my young daughter faced the prospect of losing a baby tooth eight years too early due to a cavity. Now, I want to help you discover your best oral health to fight cavities and smile confidently. 

This is a controversial question because our modern dental practices treat teeth as objects to be “worked on.” Your teeth are living matter with the ability to heal just like any bone in the body. 

Think about it this way - can a broken bone heal? Of course! More than 6 million Americans fracture or break a bone every year, but most of them are back to running, playing, and walking like normal after some time in a cast. Bone tissue is composed of the exact same minerals as teeth, so why wouldn’t our teeth, given time and the proper care, heal themselves as well?  

It’s all about the mouth's environment compared to the environment around a bone. The pH of bone tissue remains very stable inside the body. Bones are carefully protected and cushioned; therefore, they enjoy a consistently neutral and healthy pH that supports the healing process.  

Teeth, on the other hand, exist in the dynamic oral environment threatened daily by sugary foods, acidic drinks, and foreign bacteria. Luckily, it’s entirely possible to reduce oral acidity to create and maintain a balanced pH in the mouth when you have the right products.   

“Toxi-paste,” as I call it, wipes out good oral bacteria, essentially sterilizing your mouth and killing its immune system. Using fluoride toothpaste can be compared to taking a potent antibiotic every single time you brush your teeth. It leaves your mouth unable to fight toxins, pollutants, chemicals, and bacteria. This means your oral pH supports decay and damage, not healing and repair.   

The effects of standard toothpaste are so strong that it takes three full days of discontinued use to recalibrate your oral immune system. Only after harsh toothpaste ingredients leave your system can your mouth rebuild its protection against incoming bacterial invaders.  

Introducing my foolproof anti-cavity formula.

The Anti-Cavity Formula 

So, how can you heal your cavities? Simple. You reverse the cavity formula.  

Cavities form when sugar and bacteria on the teeth combine to create acid. That acid causes teeth to demineralize and break down the enamel. Over time, the hard surface of enamel erodes into decay.  

You can reverse that process using this anti-cavity formula: 

  • Stop using standard fluoride toothpaste right away 
  • Start using a natural tooth powder formulated with ingredients that remineralize tooth enamel, nurture good bacteria, and balance oral pH 
  • Monitor your cavity and its symptoms 
  • Support cavity healing by drinking plenty of water (not soda or juice!) and selecting alkaline foods like almonds, broccoli, carrots, kale, flaxseed, cucumber, and avocado  

The formula for a healthy mouth doesn't need to be complicated. As long as you can start to replace bad bacteria with good bacteria, everything else will start to fall into place.  

The Best Way to Prevent Cavities 

It’s reassuring to know that you can heal your cavity naturally, but I want to help you stop cavities altogether.  

Unfortunately, there’s no single medication or supplement that will help you prevent cavities in the future. To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you must develop a solid oral care routine with carefully formulated products.  

Before you get overwhelmed, I’ve already done all the hard work for you. With years of research, experience, and successful testimonies, I can confidently say that everything you need to heal your mouth is a click away. 

Remember that your mouth is the gateway to health, and your gum tissue is the gatekeeper. It protects your entire body from harmful bacteria, toxins, and infections. Build a routine using the following natural products in order to create an optimal oral environment. Once you establish a healthy mouth with billions of productive bacteria, you’ll have the best smile of your life.   

The Role of Saliva In Creating Or Preventing Cavities 

Before we get to my curated products, let’s chat about something new: saliva.

When we think of the oral environment, we usually only consider the teeth and gums. But there’s another factor to oral health that’s equally as important and even more powerful — saliva.

Earlier, we discussed how an acidic environment in your mouth from conventional products and a bad diet could erode your enamel, opening the door for cavities to develop. One of the ways this happens is through your saliva! Think about it: it is present, touching everything in your mouth (and teeth) at all times! Correct pH levels are crucial when it comes to healthy saliva. When the pH of your saliva falls below a neutral pH range of 6.2 to 7.6, it can’t effectively uphold its four essential roles

In other words, when harmful eating habits and oral care products render your saliva too acidic to function properly, your oral health faces serious consequences.  

The primary responsibilities of your saliva: 

  • Moisten and bind food to help it move down the throat  
  • Continually move through the mouth to remove debris and keep the mouth clean 
  • Distribute the enzyme that prevents overgrowth of oral bacteria 
  • Help secrete food for digestion 

The side effects of chronically acidic saliva are easy to notice, including bad breath, sensitivity, swollen gums, and cavities. When we have issues with bad breath, in particular, we often just use more mouthwash! This continues the cycle until you completely overhaul your dental routine with these products. 

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder 

You’ve been using conventional fluoride toothpaste for decades, and what has it done for you? All you have to show for your commitment is a mouthful of sensitive teeth with weak enamel and signs of growing cavities. You have a right to be frustrated! 

By teaching you about why this is happening and how your mouth works, I hope you approach the task of brushing your teeth as allying with your oral health instead of fighting it. The first step is to use a toothpowder that differentiates between good and bad bacteria. Remember, the mouth needs good bacteria to thrive!  

This is exactly what sets my Dirty Mouth Toothpowder apart from the Crest or Colgate tube on your bathroom sink. Our toothpowder takes an entirely different approach, formulated to remineralize your mouth and restore healthy oral bacteria! 

Reformulated with nano-hydroxyapatite, our Dirty Mouth Toothpowder is an essential addition to your dental care. Our original formula is even more effective with hydroxyapatite because your body produces it naturally, upgrading this tooth powder to an oral health supplement. Hydroxyapatite is crucial in restoring strong, healthy enamel, adding new benefits to our powder like bringing back the natural whiteness of your tooth’s enamel! 

When you brush twice a day with this remineralizing toothpowder, you’ll transform your teeth, gums, and even your saliva by:  

  • Polishing and cleaning the teeth 
  • Cleansing gum tissues from toxins and impurities 
  • Removing plaque and preventing tartar 
  • Reducing gum inflammation and risk of infection 
  • Remineralizing and strengthening teeth 
  • Restoring the balanced pH of saliva to enhance its cleaning power 

The main ingredient, bentonite clay, is a mild adhesive that gently scrubs and polishes the teeth. It removes tartar, cleans the gums, and absorbs bad bacteria and toxins upon contact. According to the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, brushing with bentonite clay three times per day can even address gingivitis and severe periodontal disease by removing dangerous bacteria and nourishing the teeth and gums with restorative minerals.  

This might explain why the indigenous people of third world countries often have excellent oral health, despite their lack of modern dental care. The natural clays in their soil remineralize their teeth as they eat, which immediately protects and supports their oral biome. Interestingly, when people from those countries move to America, their teeth rapidly decay because they’re deprived of those natural clays when introduced to our country’s processed, artificial foods.  

Gum Serum

The second secret weapon in your arsenal is one I bet your dentist has never told you about. Gum Serum. That’s because it isn’t a product you normally find on store shelves. Our mainstream oral care industry focuses on toothpaste and mouthwash while overlooking some of the most important and simple solutions.    

A naturally formulated gum serum is essential if you want to maximize your oral health. Our Dirty Mouth Gum Serum, contains 11 essential oils specifically formulated to clean your teeth, gums, and mucous membranes.  

The toxins and impurities lurking on the surface of your mouth become powerless once this potent combination of tea tree, peppermint, spearmint, lemon, eucalyptus, clove bud, lavender, myrrh, cinnamon, chamomile, and cypress oils take over.  

Apply your gum drops two to three times per day for best results. The healing powers of so many organic essential oils will quickly rejuvenate your gum tissue and eliminate the conditions that cause cavities to form.  

The Bottom Line: Heal Your Cavities Naturally with a Healthier Mouth 

Like many health problems, cavities won’t magically disappear just by cutting out soda or brushing a few seconds longer. Your mouth needs to be restored and revitalized with oral care products formulated to nourish your teeth, gums, and saliva.  

Toss out your toxic toothpaste and embrace the products that will fight inflammation, remineralize your teeth, and adopt healthy bacteria for all they’re worth. Your mouth (and your health) will never be the same again!