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Toxins In Skincare: Hidden so you can't find them! Find out HOW to read a skincare label!

The fragrance is the "F" word of skincare.  So tox-sick, it's the NEW second-hand smoke.

Water... sounds harmless but could be the MOST toxic of them all!

Your skincare could be "cancer-care" if you are using products that contain hidden carcinogens!  

The average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every single day without even knowing. It takes only 26 seconds for what you put on your skin to be absorbed INTO your bloodstream.

The obvious toxins are easy to find. Phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, fragrance, and formaldehyde. You avoid those already. But the cosmetic industry is in business to make money… at all costs. They have found ways to “hide” toxins in skin and beauty care products so you can’t find them, or they sound so natural you skim past them as you scan the ingredient list.

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Dr. Scott Solomons: The Surprising Truth About Dental Health, A Paleo Approach

Achieving optimal oral health requires more than just brushing. Your diet plays an essential role to that process. A primal or paleo kind of a diet, devoid of processed foods, is the perfect start to your optimal oral health journey.

Dr. Scott Solomons has always been interested in health and fitness. It inspired him to become a dentist and led him to practice in an ancestrally based way. Scott believes that there are lessons to be learned from our ancestors that can shape and transform our destiny. 

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How to Harness the Energy of Gemstone Fusions for More Vibrant Beauty

Unlike conventional medications that place a band-aid over the root issues, gemstones heal with energy. It’s not the energy you can see, but the energy you can feel. Gemstones draw negative energy out of the body while positive, healing energy flows into the body.

Gemstones don’t just belong in folklore and eclectic jewelry; they belong in your beauty routine as well! With the right skincare products, you can harness the energy of gem fusions for more vibrant beauty.

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Baking Soda Detox: The Household Ingredient That Can Change Your Mouth

Baking soda is one of the most underrated ingredients sitting in your pantry right now. Priced at just a couple of dollars in its small cardboard box, baking soda is a superhero in disguise.

For less money than your morning cup of coffee, baking soda has the power to clean your bathroom, brighten your smile, and everything in between.

If you want to maximize the value of this common household ingredient instead of losing it behind the bags of flour and sugar, use it to detoxify and revitalize your mouth. Here’s everything you need to know about the baking soda detox to get started!

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French Green Clay: The Powerful Ingredient Missing From Your Skincare Routine

It doesn’t matter if you’re 20...or 50 (like me!)... or 70… there are easy, natural ways to revitalize your skin. I’m not just talking about looking younger, I’m talking about looking healthier.

Once you unlock the secret to healthy skin, the youthful, bright, lifted results you’ve been after will automatically fall into place.

I used to have terrible dark spots and cystic acne, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at my skin today. Why? Because I found the natural ingredients powerful enough to rejuvenate my skin without a single needle, injection, or surgery.

As a registered nurse, I’ve seen my fair share of facelift surgeries, and they don’t always deliver the outcome that patients want… trust me. If you really want skin that looks effortlessly beautiful and youthful, you need to harness the power of natural ingredients like French Green clay.

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